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CTV Ads Play Better with Audiences | Weekly CTV Roundup

Written by Tim Edmundson

Viewers are embracing ads on Connected TV, and it’s thanks to an element that sets it apart from traditional television. According to viewers who watch ad-supported CTV, 90% say the ads they see are just as relevant — or more so — than the commercials they see on regular TV. CTV viewers also respond similarly in regard to overall quality, engagement, and uniqueness. These positive perceptions are the result of CTV’s ability to target specific audiences, thus avoiding the wide-net approach of traditional TV advertising.

Connected TV’s similarity to digital advertising is its strength. Not only do viewers enjoy a quality experience on par with traditional TV ads, but it’s combined with the precision of digital. This makes a huge difference because it results in relevant ads being served to interested audiences, and the numbers above are proof of that. People appreciate the value of advertising when it is relevant, and Connected TV delivers useful ads that audiences appreciate.

Connected TV in the News

Hulu Turns on Private Marketplace as Ad Buyers See a Recent Abundance of Supply
Hulu will open a new marketplace on January 1st to meet the rising demand for CTV ads on their platform. 

Surviving the Streaming Wars When You’re Not Netflix or Disney
Banking on value is they key for small players in the space, which means a combination of high-quality subscription and ad-supported content.

AT&T, Hulu to Run Ads When Viewers Pause Streaming
L.A. Biz
Dubbed “pause-vertising,” the new functionality will help increase ad revenues while not interfering with time that would otherwise be spent watching content.

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