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Connected TV’s Reach is Massive | Weekly CTV Report

Written by Tim Edmundson

80% of U.S. Households Will be Reachable Through Connected TV in 2018

Nearly All U.S. Households are Connected to CTV

Extending reach through Connected TV is getting easier as adoption rates continue to climb. According to new research by MAGNA, 4 out of 5 U.S. households will be reachable through CTV this year alone. This comes on the tail of updated eMarketer estimates, which claim over 183 million Americans will watch CTV in 2018. Advertisers looking to reach more viewers are looking to CTV, evidenced by the 40% increase in OTT advertising forecasted for this year.

Connected TV viewers are a great way to expand reach because they are an incremental audience. According to research from the IAB, viewers who watch ad-supported CTV spend over four hours less time watching traditional television per week than regular TV viewers. Factor in 32 million cord cutters, and advertisers are able to reach an audience of tens of millions on CTV they would not catch watching traditional TV.

Connected TV in the News

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