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Connected TV Weekly Roundup | March 22

Written by Tim Edmundson

More Brands Are Advertising on Connected TV

As Connected TV viewership numbers continue to grow, so does the demand for advertisers to get their ads on CTV. According to Videology’s report TV & Video Market At-A-Glance, there has been a 175% increase in the amount of ad requests for CTV since 2015.

Based on eMarketer projections, Connected TV is expected to have over 181 million viewers in 2018. Thanks to these strong numbers, brand interest in CTV continues to grow, with 29% of advertisers saying they are increasing their CTV spend in 2018. As the amount of people owning and watching connected televisions grows as well, that percentage will only continue to rise.

Connected TV in the News

The Great Connected TV Debate: Subscription vs. Ad Supported Models
As the industry moves from innovation to expansion, the appeal of growing a subscription base has given way to experimentation with advertising.

70% of Netflix Subscribers View Content on Their TV
Silicon Republic
Research shows that while many Netflix subscribers start on smaller screens, they eventually move to their TVs to watch content.

Stream Nation: U.S. Consumers Spend $2 Billion Monthly on Streaming Video Services
Americans are watching more streaming video than ever before, according to a new study by Deloitte.

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