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Connected TV Weekly Roundup | March 15

Written by Tim Edmundson

Connected TVs Overtake Cable Boxes in US Households

As Connected TV rises in popularity, more and more people are opting out of their cable services. According to MarTech Advisor, Connected TVs, which include Smart TVs and televisions connected to video streaming devices, now outnumber traditional cable boxes within the United States.

In 2017, there were around 56.6 million cord-cutters and cord-nevers in the U.S., and that number is expected to rise to 81.1 million by 2021. For advertisers, this means a shift in perspective is needed. Instead of continuing to invest in traditional TV, which actually fell behind digital in ad spending for the first time in 2017, advertisers should look to CTV as the future of Living Room QualityTM ad experiences.

Connected TV In The News

The New TV
Welcome to the new world of data-driven, addressable, accountable, and increasingly automated television where audience is as important as content and context.

US Connected TV Ad Placement Skyrockets
The amount of impressions running exclusively on CTV in the Videology converged TV and video advertising platform grew a whopping 230% from last quarter.

Why Premium OTT Video Inventory Keeps Growing
MarTech Advisor
OTT video users doubled in 2017, and the adoption is destined to continue this year. But what’s causing this explosion in premium OTT inventory? It’s a combination of cord-cutting, content discovery, and several other factors.

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