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Connected TV Weekly Roundup | March 1

Written by Tim Edmundson

CTV viewers are digital natives, making them an ideal audience for marketers

It’s no secret that Connected TV viewers spend a lot of their time online. For brands looking to reach their audience across the entire sales funnel, this represents a great opportunity. Because CTV viewers are digital natives, brands can reach them through multiple coordinated ads on all their devices to keep them engaged from the first point of contact, all the way to conversion.

In a January 2018 report, AdReaction found that 47% of those surveyed said ads now fit together better across different formats. What can brands do to capitalize on this? By serving Connected TV ads, and then utilizing CTV’s tracking capabilities, brands can continue to reach their target audience with display and mobile campaigns, driving site traffic and keeping their message top-of-mind.

Connected TV in the News

Spearfishing in a Big Net World
Martech Series
Veteran marketer and SteelHouse CMO David Simon discusses how Connected TV finally brings digital precision to broadcast.

People Are Furiously Criticizing Amazon Over the NRA’s Streaming TV Channel
A Twitter storm is brewing over Amazon and its affiliation with the National Rifle Association.

Sling TV Now Has 2.2M Subscribers, Making it the Largest Internet-Based Live TV Service
This is the first time Dish has broken out its Sling TV subscribers separately from its larger pay TV subscriber base.

Advertising on Streaming TV Devices is About to Get More Targeted
The Wall Street Journal
Media companies such as Hulu can tap into 60,000 data segments for OTT ads as BrightLine teams up with Nielsen.

The Trade Desk Continues Growth Run and Sets Out TV Ambitions
Ad Exchanger
Connected TV revenue and inventory has been growing at exponential year-over-year rates, says founder and CEO Jeff Green, and predicts 2018 is “the year it becomes material” to the company’s overall revenue picture.

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