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Connected TV Weekly Roundup | February 8

Written by Tim Edmundson

Cord Cutting is Accelerating Across All Age Groups

There’s no denying the television landscape has changed. As more networks and content producers expand their streaming offerings, viewers are spending more time on Connected TV — and less with traditional television.

This means traditional television metrics are unable to account for tens of millions of viewers. What would normally be a crisis for advertisers is actually a blessing in disguise. Advertisers can leverage Connected TV’s superior tracking and data collection, allowing them to measure their campaign’s impact like never before.

Connected TV In the News

The Best Video Streaming Services of 2018
PC Mag
There’s a lot of streaming services out there for consumers to choose from — PC Mag gives their top picks.

Connected TV Misconceptions
We do some myth busting in the first of our two part series on the misconceptions surrounding Connected TV.

Dreamworks TV Launches its First Over-The-Top Streaming Service
Awesomeness, the digital media company acquired by Comcast for $3.8 billion in 2016, debuts kid-friendly programming for Amazon Prime

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