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Connected TV Weekly Roundup | February 1

Written by Tim Edmundson

The Number of Connected TV Users in the US is Growing Every Year

According to eMarketer, Connected TV is seeing a steady stream of new users, with 13 million expected to be added this year alone. The numbers don’t lie: advertisers have a huge opportunity to tap into audiences that traditional TV is struggling to reach.

What does this mean for advertisers? Connected TV advertising isn’t tomorrow’s opportunity — it’s today’s. Some may believe that because it’s a relatively new medium, it lacks substantial reach. That’s simply not true, and the numbers prove it.

Connected TV in the News

Connected TV Viewers OK With Advertising: Study
Broadcasting & Cable
Connected TV viewers see ads as a fair trade for streaming content, and over half will either research of purchase an advertised product, according to a study by Telaria.

Comcast is Making Internet a Centerpiece, As Cable TV Continues to Decline
There’s been a major shift by consumers to streaming, and away from cable TV, says head of Comcast cable division.

The Future of TV Is Just Screens All The Way Down
CES 2018 showed us connected devices aren’t just gadgets anymore, they’re TVs of all shapes and sizes — and people are watching them.

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