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Connected TV Viewers Don’t Mind Ads | Weekly CTV Roundup

Written by Tim Edmundson

45% of Connected TV Viewers Watch Ad Supported CTV Most of the Time

Viewers Choose Ad Supported Content, Despite Ad-Free Options

When viewers settle in to watch TV, they’re making Connected TV the priority. Not only are they tuning into streaming services more — the number of viewers is expected to eclipse 200 million by 2021 — but they’re also choosing to watch ad-supported CTV content. According to research conducted by the IAB, nearly half of Connected TV viewers watch streaming content supported by advertising more than any other type of streaming service.

This makes sense as a majority of CTV viewers list price as the reason they either cut the cord on cable, or have reduced their cable bills by shaving down the channels they pay for. CTV viewers see ads as part of the deal, because they know the ads ensure they get content for either a low cost, or for free. This is good news for advertisers, as research suggests CTV viewers are more receptive to ads — and the above could be a good reason why.

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