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Connected TV Ads Boost Brand Favorability | Weekly CTV Roundup

Written by Tim Edmundson

Combining Traditional and Connected TV Advertising Works

Connected TV advertising is great on its own, but it’s even better as part of a larger marketing mix. According to a recent Roku and Magna Global study, when advertisers synergize their traditional TV and CTV campaigns, brand favorability jumps 99%, compared to a 21% increase for traditional-only, and 42% for CTV ads.

This means brands that already advertise on traditional television can give their ads’ impact a boost by adding CTV campaigns to their advertising efforts. And, importantly for brands that have not been able to advertise on TV due to budget or other limiting factors, CTV ads give a significantly larger boost to favorability than their traditional counterparts, meaning their ad dollars will make a bigger impact.

Connected TV in the News

Hulu Launches its New Live TV Destination and Guide
Hulu announced they’ll be adding a new live TV guide to help their viewers browse currently airing programs, just like a cable TV guide.

Trade Desk Stock Skyrockets as Ad Spending on Streaming TV Goes Up 2,000%
The allure of Connected TV advertising has seen the The Trade Desk’s stock price shoot to the moon.

SME 2018: Hey Google, What’s Next in OTT?
Streaming Media
Google Assistant is setting out to make browsing for live TV on CTV more enjoyable and productive, according to Google’s Rachel Berk.

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