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  1. How Connected TV Works
  2. Connected TV Ad Experience
  3. Measuring Connected TV

What You Need to Know About Connected TV Ads

Connected TV ads take the Living Room Quality™ experience of television and combine it with the precision targeting and analytics of digital advertising.


Ads are required to be very high res, allows for living room quality ads

15 or 30 Seconds

Allowed length of CTV ads on our platform


All of our CTV ads are non-skippable

Premium Content

We’ve handpicked premium publishers so your ads run on good content rather than obscure channels

Living Room Quality

What is Living Room Quality?

Living Room Quality describes long form, ad-supported episodic, on-demand, and live news or sports programming created by premium networks and apps which is traditionally viewed in the living room.

With SteelHouse, your Connected TV ads are only delivered via apps from premium content creators including all major TV networks, as well as many cable and digital content creators like Bravo, ESPN, NBC, or Crackle.

What is Not Living Room Quality?

If it’s not premium Connected TV advertising with SteelHouse, it’s not Living Room Quality.

Not pre-roll or mid-roll video advertising

Not pre-roll or mid-roll video advertising

Not advertising during cat videos

Not advertising during cat videos

Not ads that can be forwarded or skipped

Not ads that can be forwarded or skipped

Redefine Multi-Channel with Audience Extension

Your campaign will reach consumers wherever they go. Target unique users you have reached through Connected TV, and serve them relevant ads across web and mobile. Extend your television campaigns to reach customers everywhere, and deliver a targeted ad experience unlike any other.

Customer Success: Green Chef

This leader in home food-delivery reached hundreds of thousands of viewers with SteelHouse Connected TV

Green Chef

Looking to expand their audience and reach new customers with video content, Green Chef turned to SteelHouse to launch ads on Connected TV. The campaign leveraged engaging creative and advanced targeting capabilities, and ran across a number of Living Room Quality™ Connected TV apps.

Green Chef saw strong results with Connected TV that drove brand awareness and site traffic. The campaign served 437,264 impressions with a 93% completion rate, a testament to Connected TV’s ability to deliver a brand’s message in its entirety.

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