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Brands Yet to Go All-In on Connected TV

Written by Tim Edmundson

Lack of Education Keeps Brands Back

Last year was a big one for Connected TV. Viewer numbers rose to record levels and more media companies launched streaming services than ever before, which shows the medium’s growing strength. But there’s one thing that lagged behind, and that’s advertisers making Connected TV a priority. According to research from eMarketer, only a fraction of brands regularly advertised on CTV. The lack of regular advertisers comes down to a lack of education — advertisers still carry the notion that the streaming world is fragmented and not easily accessible.

And it can be — if it’s not approached the right way. The Connected TV space can be confusing and fragmented if advertisers take a granular approach. By utilizing a platform as a partner however, where the buying and optimization process is streamlined on a single platform, advertisers can negate the major issues they would encounter by approaching their CTV advertising in a granular way. CTV is like any other channel — with the right tools anyone can succeed, and it’s only a matter of time until more advertisers understand this.

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