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50% of Netflix Users Wouldn’t Mind Ads

Written by Tim Edmundson

50% of Netflix Users Would be Okay With Ads

CTV Viewers See Ads as a Fair Trade for Lower Prices

When Netflix announced their price increase back in January, it caused quite a stir in the Connected TV space. Many surveys found subscribers would cancel the service in the face of price hikes, which while a bit extreme, speaks to the notion that consumers enjoy CTV services because of their low price point. So that begs the question — would CTV viewers be okay with ads if it kept the price low?

Turns out, the answer is yes. According to a survey conducted by Streaming Observer, half of polled Netflix users would be happy with a cheaper ad-supported version, similar to Hulu’s tiered approach. CTV viewers know that ads are a trade off for more affordable content, and are more receptive to them — even those who are used to a subscription-based model. Because viewers are more receptive to the ads themselves, they’re more likely to pay attention to an ad’s message — which is great news for CTV advertisers.

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