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103+ Million Will Stream Connected TV On Smart TVs

Written by Tim Edmundson

The Living Room is Where People Watch Connected TV

The new way to watch TV has a lot in common with the old way. It turns out viewers prefer to watch Connected TV on their televisions at home, mimicking the traditional TV experience but with the added benefits streaming provides. While CTV has the added bonus of allowing viewers to watch on mobile, tablets, and a wide range of connected devices, over 100 million viewers will watch CTV content through their smart TVs.

What does this mean for advertisers? Opportunity. With a lower cost, superior targeting, and accurate measurement, Connected TV gives advertisers the chance to combine digital advertising’s advanced capabilities with a TV ad experience. For too long brands have created compelling TV ads with no true way to connect with their ideal audience or measure their impact. With the advent of Connected TV, brands can maximize their creative impact, and drive the results they deserve.

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