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Connected TV Weekly Roundup | March 29

Written by Tim Edmundson

The Vast Majority of Connected TV Viewers Watch it Daily

Connected TV is well on its way to being the new normal when it comes to watching Living Room Quality™ content. Audiences of all ages are moving away from traditional television, with a staggering 40% drop in viewing time for teens and young millennials leading the way. And while traditional TV numbers are shrinking, Connected TV is seeing daily use from a vast majority of CTV viewers.

So what is causing the dramatic shift from traditional TV to CTV? According to a 2017 survey conducted by TiVo, 86% of respondents cited cost as the main reason why they abandoned traditional television, while 40% stated they used a streaming service instead. This is good news for CTV advertisers, as advertising-based streaming models save viewers money and still provide a quality TV viewing experience.

Connected TV in the News

The Minnesota Vikings Were the First NFL Team to Launch a Connected-TV App. Here’s What They Learned
Sports Video Group
As one of the first sports teams to the Connected TV party, the Vikings were pleasantly surprised to find that many platforms were more than happy to work with them.

Google Play Will Show Where You Can Stream Before You Buy
Google Play, the search giant’s online store, will start showing streaming-service options for TV and movie titles, providing more alternatives to buying outright.

How OTT Will Innovate in 2018
The growth in Connected TV content is reshaping distribution models, consumer viewing habits, and advertising.

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