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Connected TV is the Fastest Growing Ad Channel

Written by Tim Edmundson

More Ad Spend Is Heading to Connected TV

More ad budgets are pouring into Connected TV, so much so that it’s now the fastest growing ad segment in the world. That’s because CTV is transitioning into a new stage of its evolution. These past couple years have seen advertisers dip their toes into the water, testing the format for both function and performance. Many of those advertisers (including SteelHouse customers) have now seen the impact CTV can make on their ROI, and are increasing their spend and commitment to the channel. 

That’s not to say Connected TV doesn’t still have a long way to go. According to a 2018 Nielsen study, 30% of marketers have yet to dedicate media budget to CTV advertising. But as the success stories continue to come out of CTV advertising, it’s only a matter of time before marketers are treating it like search or social – a necessary piece of their marketing mix.

Connected TV in the News

Disney Announces $12.99 Bundle for Disney+, Hulu, and ESPN+
The Verge

Disney’s bundle is competitively priced with other subscription services, and backed with the strongest IP in the industry. 

Connected TV Could be Key to Swaying Younger Voters

Social as a channel has a political scandal issue, which could hurt political ads’ prospects. Connected TV doesn’t have that problem, and could see big ad spend during election season. 

National Survey Reveals Dramatic Shift from Cable to Streaming Services
Yahoo! Finance

Migration away from cable is picking up speed, with 20% of respondents having canceled their cable television subscription within the past two months.

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