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Connected TV Advertising is the Next Big Performance Channel

Written by Tim Edmundson

Imagine being able to launch performance marketing campaigns on television – wouldn’t that be wild? Picture being able to target your exact audience, then reach them with compelling television commercials. And then, imagine being able to track your ads’ impact and measure the actions viewers take after seeing them – be it visiting your website or even purchasing from your ecommerce store. 

With Connected TV advertising, all of that has become a reality. For those unfamiliar, Connected TV is content accessed by apps and streamed over smart TVs, mobile, or over-the-top (OTT) devices. According to eMarketer, over 190 million Americans are streaming in 2019 and millions more are expected to join them in the coming years. It’s the new way people watch television, so it’s not a stretch to say it’s the new way advertisers need to reach viewers. 

Here at SteelHouse we’ve served millions of Connected TV ad impressions through SteelHouse Performance TV, our Connected TV ad platform. And what we’ve found is an impressive performance channel that drives user action which leads to a big impact on revenue. Let’s dive into what we’ve seen so far, and why advertisers who want to advertise on Connected TV should feel confident launching Connected TV ads right alongside their search and social performance campaigns. 

Targeting and Measurement Unlock TV’s Performance Potential

The key to advertising on Connected TV and using it as a performance channel comes down to the tech that powers it. Advertisers can target specific audiences by leveraging third or first party data (just like social or display), and then track the actions viewers take on other household devices (desktops, laptops, phones, tablets, etc.) after seeing those ads.

Digital advertising’s targeting capabilities are fully available on Connected TV. 

  • Intent
  • Geography
  • Income
  • Demographic
  • Age & gender
  • And more

Advertisers can also track vital metrics that show exactly how ads perform. 

  • Site & page visits
  • First time site visitors
  • Conversions
  • Performance by device
  • And more

You can even retarget Connected TV viewers with Performance TV. If users visit your website and you want to serve them ads that reach them while they’re streaming their favorite shows – you can. 

Get Better Analytical Insights With SteelHouse Performance TV

What’s listed above are standard Connected TV capabilities. SteelHouse Performance TV goes even further, and provides even more insight into Connected TV ad performance.

Google Analytics | It’s fully integrated into Google Analytics, which means you can measure Performance TV campaigns right alongside the rest of your performance channels like search, display, and social. You can track all the viewers who visit your site, and accurately attribute them to your Connected TV ads. 

Verified Visits | While 3rd party analytics solutions can struggle with proper cross-device attribution, we leverage our proprietary Verified Visits technology to track the customer’s buying journey across the entire household. It measures any user visit (on any household device) to your site following the guaranteed in-view display of your Connected TV ad, in a window of time defined by you.  

Network-Level Reporting | Because Performance TV uses its own Connected TV ad server, we can get levels of insight that just aren’t available with DSPs or other ad solutions. You can know exactly where your ads are running, and how they’re performing – giving you insight into where your audience is watching. 

It Drives Important Performance Metrics

Based on an analysis of SteelHouse Performance TV campaigns, we have seen compelling reasons to rate Connected TV right alongside other performance ad channels. We’ve seen campaign after campaign drive better ROAS than channels like display retargeting, for brands in multiple verticals. See how a top-3 travel brand drove better ROAS performance than display retargeting. 

Outside of revenue, we’ve also seen impressive performance on Cost Per Visit, Visit Rate, and Cost Per Completed View. 

Cost Per Visit | You want to be sure you’re spending budget efficiently when driving traffic, and our Performance TV campaigns have shown that Connected TV ads are comparable to non-branded search and social when it comes to this valuable metric. 

Visit Rate | Connected TV ads are excellent at convincing a high percentage of viewers to visit an advertiser’s website (we’ve seen an average 1.82% visit rate). Performance TV campaigns have driven a rate that’s 2-4X higher than display prospecting or Youtube ads. 

Cost Per Completed View | One of Connected TV’s strengths is the fact the ads are unskippable. They average a 97% completion rate, which means its Cost Per Completed View is tiny. Advertisers’ entire message gets delivered, and it only costs pennies – our Performance TV benchmark is $0.03 Cost Per Completed View.

Performance Comes to Television

Based on what we’ve seen, we’re confident Connected TV advertising will become the next big performance channel. See what SteelHouse CEO Mark Douglas has to say about Connected TV’s potential, and why we believe advertisers should be excited to start driving performance with television.