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    Connected TV Ads Turn Televisions into Conversion Machines

    Connected TV and Audience Extension transform TV screens into effective money makers

    Written by Tim Edmundson

    Connected TV 4 Min Read

    Connected TV Ads Turn Televisions into Conversion Machines

    Connected TV and Audience Extension transform TV screens into effective money makers

    Written by Tim Edmundson

    Television ads have long been seen as the premier platform for advertising. And yet, when it comes to performance marketing, they have their limitations. Traditional TV advertising’s targeting and measurement leave a lot to be desired if you’re trying to drive measurable results. If marketers want to generate trackable ROI from ads running on television screens, they need to look to Connected TV.

    Connected TV, or CTV advertising comes equipped with the targeting capabilities and metrics that traditional TV advertisers dream about. Because marketers can focus their ads on audiences they know will connect with their ads, the effectiveness of those ads is amplified. And because CTV advertisers can track site visits, conversions, and other vital metrics, they can attribute due credit to their campaigns.

    We’ve been running CTV campaigns for some time now, and can attest to their effectiveness. Let’s take a look at what sort of performance they drive, and how they do it.

    It Starts with Targeting

    It cannot be overstated what sort of advantage Connected TV’s targeting gives marketers. Let’s use the example of a leading online mattress retailer who ran CTV campaigns with SteelHouse. Being able to leverage product-specific, in-market 3rd party audience data gave the campaigns an edge in connecting with the right consumers. In addition to reaching those in-market, they also wanted to ensure they were only reaching prospects that had not yet interacted with their brand. This was accomplished by excluding all site visitors from the previous 12 months, ensuring only a fresh audience would be exposed to the ads.

    Good targeting will always yield positive results, and their campaign was no exception. The ads drove strong performance when it came to generating site visits.

    • The campaign reached 149,000 unique users.
    • It yielded 4,600+ site visits, and 17,700+ page views
    • The campaign generated a 0.61% visit rate by impression, and 4.47% visit rate by user.

    Knowing the actual impact a TV ad makes is huge because it justifies your ad spend and tells you whether it was money well spent. Being able to tie concrete results like site visits to your campaign is great, but what about actual dollar return?

    Audience Extension Helps Drive Conversions

    Connected TV campaigns are great at driving both site visits and conversions. CTV ads do a great job of sticking with viewers — they’re excellent at increasing ad recall — because they’re relevant to the audience seeing them. And when you combine them with ads on other channels that continue to push your message, you see strong results.

    That’s exactly what our proprietary Audience Extension is designed to do by serving display ads to users who had previously seen the CTV ads. The Audience Extension ads serve to keep a brand’s message top-of-mind, consistent, and engaging across multiple channels and devices. Not only that, they also serve as a net to catch conversions as viewers are continuously exposed to the brand’s message, pushed further down the sales funnel, and finally make a purchase.

    When you combine Audience Extension with Connected TV ads, what sort of performance do you get? Here’s how the mattress retailer’s campaign fared.

    • The campaign generated a 16:1 ROAS
    • It generated that ROAS with a CPA of $54.17

    Those are stellar numbers, and really speak to CTV’s ability to not only get users to a site, but generate sales as well. It’s hard to find another type of campaign that can generate results such as these, which really speaks to the effectiveness of Connected TV.

    CTV + Audience Extension = Results

    The combination of CTV and display ads together drive real performance. With results like this mattress retailer (see the full case study here), any brand would find it worthwhile to test Connected TV advertising and see for themselves what sort of impact it can make. If you’re interested in finding out for yourself, schedule a demo today

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