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Connected TV Ads Drive Immense ROAS

Written by Tim Edmundson

Connected TV Drove 3X Higher ROAS Than Display Retargeting

CTV Campaigns Outperformed Display Retargeting

Connected TV advertising is proving to be an efficient and effective way of driving site traffic and conversions. According to recent analysis of SteelHouse Connected TV campaigns, CTV advertising resulted in up to a 3X higher return on ad spend when compared to those same advertisers’ display retargeting campaigns. The CTV campaigns showed strong site visit rates as well as excellent ROAS, suggesting CTV advertising has positive impacts on core metrics that are vital for any business.

Traditional TV advertising has always been the marquee ad channel, but has struggled with accurate targeting and analytics. That has all changed with Connected TV — advertisers can now target in-market audiences with messaging that is sure to resonate. CTV’s analytics also give advertisers the ability to measure who saw their ads, visited their site, and converted. Armed with this information, advertisers can make informed decisions about their spend, creative direction, and overall campaign strategy. If these performance numbers are any indication, CTV advertising’s effectiveness will prove to be a catalyst for more adoption in 2019.

Connected TV in the News

Viacom Acquires Free Streaming Platform Pluto TV for $340 Million
The Hollywood Reporter
Viacom jumps into the streaming fray with a free, ad-supported offering to compete against Hulu and Netflix.

Buyers Are Adopting TV-Style Co-Viewing Metrics for Connected TV

Major agencies have agreed to count co-viewing impressions on CTV toward the impressions guarantees they have negotiated with Hulu and Roku.

Hulu is Cutting the Price of Its Most Popular Streaming Service –  and Raising the Price of its Most Expensive One

The $8 service is dropping to $6, while the live-TV option is raising from $40 to $45. The ad-free version will stay at $12.

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