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Connected TV Ad Spend Continues to Rise | Weekly CTV Roundup

Written by Tim Edmundson

Connected TV ad spending will rise 75% year over year

CTV Advertising Spend is Jumping by the Billions

More brands are waking up to the promise of Connected TV advertising. According to CTV measurement and attribution company Tru Optik, 2018 will see CTV ad spending reach $8.2 billion. That represents an impressive 75% increase from 2017, and equates to roughly 12% of traditional TV ad spending. They also predict continued growth for CTV ad spend, with it hitting over $20 billion in 2020.

Connected TV advertising is well on its way to claiming a bigger portion of total ad budgets. With advanced targeting and analytics that can’t be found with traditional TV advertising, brands are better able to track their spend’s impact. This stands in stark contrast to traditional TV measurement, which amounts to educated guessing. It’s becoming more clear that as brands come to understand the space, CTV advertising will become a mainstay of their media mix.

Connected TV in the News

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Roku is expanding their advertising offering with a branded page that attempts to serve viewers content they would naturally find interesting.

Connected TV is Reshaping Advertising
With all its advantages, CTV advertising is making a bigger impact as time goes on.

Amazon Wants to Partner with Networks to Sell Ads on Top Fire TV Apps
Business Insider
The test would see networks team up with Amazon, which would give the ecommerce giant inroads into the ad business.

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