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Connected TV Ad Revenues to Climb Aggressively

Written by Tim Edmundson

Connected TV Ad Revenues Will Increase Massively by 2023

As marketers plan ad budgets for 2020, it’s helpful to look back in order to more clearly lay out where they are going. Last year, ad revenue from Connected TV campaigns reached $28.8 billion, and according to research conducted by Extreme Reach, that number will see impressive growth in the coming years. They predict that by the year 2023, CTV ad revenue will reach a whopping $47.8 billion – a 66% increase over 2018. It’s safe to say many brands will be including a CTV budget in their 2020 plans.

Continual increases in ad revenue means more marketers are turning to Connected TV as a reliable ad channel, and are seeing enough return to justify more spending. This speaks to the fact that advertisers are realizing CTV’s performance potential; they can spend budget knowing it’s money well spent. Thanks to CTV’s inherent ability to deliver ad metrics, marketers have confidence their campaigns are making an impact on their bottom line – and this bodes well for CTV advertising in the coming years.

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