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    SteelHouse 101: Performance TV

    New to SteelHouse Performance TV and not sure where to start? We’ll walk you through the basics so you know what to expect.

    Screenshot: Creating an account

    Let's start by creating an account

    Signing up is easy, we just need to know a little more about you and your brand to set up your account.

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    Now It’s Time To Build Your Campaign

    Campaign setup

    The next few steps will cover setting up your campaign, including building your audience, uploading your creative, inputting a budget, and more.

    Start by building a custom audience.

    Not ready yet? You can skip this step and come back later.

    The audience builder allows you to create a custom third-party audience ideally suited to your campaign goals. You can choose an audience from those you already created in the audience tab, or you can build a new one within the campaign setup. There’s two steps to building a third party audience; first is selecting age, gender, and location. Once you’ve done that, you can use the Oracle Data Cloud to choose from tens of thousands of branded audience segments.

    Screenshot: The 3rd Party Audience Builder

    Check out these resources for more information on third party audiences.

    Next You’ll Upload Your Video Creative

    Now it’s time to upload your creative. You can either upload straight from your computer, or through our integration with Dropbox.

    Here’s some additional info, including required specs.

    Give us your budget and goal. We'll optimize based on what matters most to you.

    Start by entering a budget—at least $25,000 per third-party campaign, or $10,000 per first party campaign﹣and our technology will spend against whatever goal you provide. You can set an end date to make it flighted, but we recommend ongoing campaigns for maximum continued performance.

    Pixel implementation is next, and it’s easier than it sounds

    The SteelHouse pixel is a piece of JavaScript that allows us to pull critical data from your site about your visitors and their shopping behavior. It’s provided in two components, the tracking pixel and the conversion pixel, which are installed directly into your HTML code.

    Now it’s Time to Add Your Audience Extension Creative

    Fully immerse your audience by serving them related display ads across web and mobile. Audience Extension targets unique users who have already seen your Performance TV ads, ensuring your message reaches them across multiple channels.

    It’s easy to add Audience Extension display creative; you can choose from one of our hundreds of high-converting templates, build something from scratch, use existing creative, or upload your own.

    Here’s some additional info on Audience Extension.

    Enter the credit card we will use for your campaigns.

    Good news! You only need to enter your billing information once, and it will be apply to all your campaigns.

    You made it! All That's left is to review and hit launch.

    It's Launch Time

    Once you’ve launched your first campaign, you’re ready to start driving serious performance. Here are some additional things to help you get the most out of Performance TV.

    Looking for steps on launching a web retargeting campaign? We’ve got you covered.

    Retargeting 101