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    Reporting Tells the Story

    Your campaigns can be amazing, but they need solid reporting to show the value they bring to the table.

    7 Min Read

    Chasing Clicks Can Hurt Performance

    7 Min Read

    New research shows creative with high click-through rates performed weaker when it came to driving conversions, while low-click creative performed better.

    5 Min Read

    Smart Campaign Budgeting Means Better Performance

    5 Min Read

    There's a sweet spot when it comes to smart campaign budgeting. By analyzing past performance, you can forecast the budget that will lead to strong results.

    7 Min Read

    We Put Last-Click Attribution to the Test, and the Results Will Surprise You

    7 Min Read

    There’s a hard-to-kill myth in digital advertising -- the last click is king. The last-click attribution model is seen by advertisers as the ultimate arbiter when it comes to giving credit. There’s just one problem with that: it’s wrong. But don't worry, there's a right way of doing things, and we'll show you how.

    What’s with the Discrepancies?

    Once you understand where Google Analytics and your ad platform are pulling their information from, you’ll avoid a lot of discrepancy headaches.

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      Don’t Lose Sight of Viewability

      Knowing your ads are being seen is key, but viewability offers more -- from protecting against ad fraud, to helping you identify truly valuable inventory.

      How Well Do You Know Your KPIs?

      You've picked your goals, so now what? SteelHouse Performance Analytics Lead Brooke Ellias breaks down some key KPIs, and how to optimize.

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