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Advertising News

The advertising industry can move pretty quick, and it’s easy to get left behind. Don’t worry, we’ve been keeping tabs on the big stories and insights making marketing news.

5 Min Read

The Super Bowl, Ad Business Intrigue, & More | Midweek Marketing News

5 Min Read

In marketing news this week, the Super Bowl fizzled and YouTube, Google, and Amazon all had interesting stories to tell surrounding their ad businesses.

5 Min Read

GDPR Fines for Google, Viacom Gets into CTV, & More | Midweek Marketing News

5 Min Read

Google feels GDPR's wrath, Viacom jumps into the Connected TV game, and Hulu is raising (and lowering) prices. See what else is making headlines this week.

5 Min Read

Free Samples, New Year Predictions, & More | Midweek Marketing News

5 Min Read

January is well underway, and there’s no shortage of predictions for the new year — including that this year will be the year of mobile (again).

Chrome Steps Up its Ad Blocking Game

Ad blocking is good if it’s done right, and Google’s doing it right. Let’s hope more follow their lead and take steps to stamp out bad ads.

The Latest Connected TV News

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5 Min Read

Fraud Schemes Busted, 2019 on the Horizon, & More | Midweek Marketing News

5 Min Read

Black Friday and Cyber Monday were the biggest they've ever been, which is good news for marketers since ad spend is expected to drop in 2019.

5 Min Read

GDPR Coming Stateside, Roku Goes Media, & More | Midweek Marketing News

5 Min Read

In marketing news this week, there's a good chance legislation similar to GDPR will make its way to the U.S. as senators begin to get serious about it.