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Advertising News

The advertising industry can move pretty quick, and it’s easy to get left behind. Don’t worry, we’ve been keeping tabs on the big stories and insights making marketing news.

5 Min Read

Oracle’s TikTok Deal is All About Advertising, Says SteelHouse CEO

5 Min Read

SteelHouse CEO Mark Douglas weighs in on the real value of Oracle’s acquisition of the social platform

5 Min Read

Why Tesla’s Current Product Strategy Struggles to Keep Up With Today’s Global Reality

5 Min Read

Unlike Amazon, it looks like the mass exodus from city to suburb, and suburb to rural isn't doing all companies a favor. American electric-automobile manufacturer Tesla is hurting, as evident in their recent dip in stock price.

8 Min Read

Microsoft’s Move to Acquire TikTok is Part of a Larger Strategy to Bolster Their Cloud Hosting Offering

8 Min Read

It's been a big year for Chinese social media company, TikTok - with a growing base of 100M users in the United States, $1 Billion in internal revenue forecasted this year and set to sextuple over the next.

6 Min Read

City to Countryside Exoduses Signals a Bullish Outlook for Amazon

6 Min Read

Amazon is truly becoming "America's Store", and is primed for success as the real estate market recognizes a growing demand for country side properties as people flock away from the city.

The Latest Connected TV News

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7 Min Read

Netflix Forecasts a Weaker Q3, but Is Positioned to Come Up on Top in the Long Run

7 Min Read

Despite a slowdown in the rate of growth of subscribers and a bleak outlook for the third quarter as its stock price dropped more than 6 percent, Netflix is in a prime position to come out on top.

7 Min Read

Despite Brand Boycotts, Many Direct-Response Advertisers Are Still Committed to Facebook

7 Min Read

More than 750+ brands have pulled their ad dollars out of Facebook, as the brand boycott continues to charge ahead. However, Facebook's stock price continues to climb - SteelHouse CEO Mark Douglas weighs in.

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