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  1. How Connected TV Works
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Connected TV

Television has gone digital, and it’s time to start advertising like it. Let’s take a look at what can help elevate your campaigns to Living Room Quality™ advertising.

7 Min Read

Households are Streaming More Ad-Supported Connected TV

7 Min Read

More households are streaming ad-supported CTV during the pandemic than ever before – presenting an interesting opportunity for marketers.

15 Min Read

What is OTT Advertising? Here’s All You Need to Know

15 Min Read

OTT Advertising, CTV, AVOD, SVOD...what do these all mean? Put your ad tech dictionary away. Whether or not you want to solidify your understanding, get a better grip of the terminology, or have a massive case of FOMO - we’ve got you.

3 Min Read

How We’re Solving Impression Tracking for Connected TV

3 Min Read

We're introducing a standardized method of counting Connected TV impressions that will work uniformly across all CTV publishers.

7 Min Read

In the Midst of Facebook’s Brand-Safety Firestorm, Is Connected TV a Safe Haven?

7 Min Read

As ad dollars leave social, it begs the question as to where where advertisers will shift their focus. And there’s a good chance it's Connected TV.

The Latest Connected TV News

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5 Min Read

Stop Using DMAs: Connected TV Offers a Better Way

5 Min Read

TV advertisers waste a lot of their ad budgets using DMAs to target viewers on a local level. Thankfully, Connected TV advertising has solved that problem.

5 Min Read

Report: Ad Budgets Shifting From Linear to Connected TV

5 Min Read

Per a new report by the IAB, more than half of media buyers are shifting their broadcast and cable advertising budgets over to CTV.

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