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The Advertising World

There’s a lot going on in the world of advertising. Check out the stories, guides, and news that affect the industry.

5 Min Read

Let’s Talk Connected TV

5 Min Read

What a month it’s been, with the 2020 Election at the heart of it all. We’re almost at the end of what will be one of the most memorable years of our lifetime, and we’re hoping to finish off on a high note.

7 Min Read

Connected TV Advertising: How Automation is Shaking Up the Traditional Agency Model

7 Min Read

We’ve studied our own client base and noticed over time that brands are taking the reins over their own Connected TV advertising efforts and bringing them in-house - 70% of our advertiser base are brand direct, the remaining of which are made of growth and performance marketing agencies.

7 Min Read

Connected TV Advertising: A/B Testing for the Performance Marketer

7 Min Read

Connected TV testing can be less daunting by breaking down the invisible barrier between performance and creative teams, and giving them a platform to collaborate.

8 Min Read

How Big Brands Can Carve a Niche on Connected TV

8 Min Read

We’ve seen a trend of direct-to-consumer (D2C) brands catching onto Connected TV - and using it to great effect - but bigger brands have been a bit slower to catch on.

The Latest Connected TV News

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8 Min Read

TikTok’s Virality Vies for Advertiser’s Attention, But How Does it Prove Itself as a Performance Marketing Channel?

8 Min Read

TikTok's endless scroll of bite sized videos makes it easy for users to get hooked. Brands are quickly taking note and experimenting with the platform as a performance marketing channel, however one question remains - how effective is it for advertisers, really?

10 Min Read

CTV Political Ads, The Connection between OTT and Mobile, & More | Weekly Marketing News

10 Min Read

To make it easier to keep on top of the most important stories this week, here are the topics that caught our eye in marketing news.

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