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Are You a Consumer Electronics Marketer? Check Out These Audience Segment Ideas

Written by Tim Edmundson

Who doesn’t love a brand new phone or tablet? How about a giant HD TV? If you’re a consumer electronics marketer, you know all too well how Americans love their gadgets. But along with that monster demand comes an equal amount of supply, which means competition among retailers can be fierce. So what can you do to get an edge on the competition?

Locking down your targeting is a key to campaign success. Along with the core audience segments, you should also consider focusing on some segments that are less obvious. After all,  when you go after the more traditional segments, you’re also setting yourself up for a lot of competition — which means higher bids to win. So why not go beyond what’s expected, and try a different angle?

Get Creative with the Oracle Data Cloud

When it comes to finding customers who are interested in what you’re selling, you need to get a bit creative. That’s why we’ve gone ahead and collected a list of audience segments available in the Oracle Data Cloud, that aren’t the usual targets for electronics brands. And while each brand will have different niche groups they would want to target, we figure providing a list of examples will help get the creative juices flowing.

Approach: Flying High

  • Segment Name: Frequent Fliers
  • Why You Should Use This: Frequent fliers are usually in the air for business reasons, which means they need the right gadgets to help them do their jobs and keep them sane on long flights — whether it be phones, tablets, laptops, smart devices, or whatever. Not only that, they most likely have the spending power to make consumer electronics a regular purchase.

Approach: The Self Sufficient Crowd

  • Segment Name: DIYers
  • Why You Should Use This: These are people who have a project at home, and oftentimes that project can involve electronics. Mounting a TV, setting up a new sound system, installing a new fridge, or even buying a device to stream DIY content, DIYers are definitely a valuable segment when it comes to consumer electronic purchases.

Approach: Intent

  • Segment Name: Affinity/Strong Affinity/Extreme
  • Why You Should Use This: This may come off as a basic option, but it’s an important piece of the puzzle. Try adding these to other segments, like ‘Computers’ ‘Computer Programming’ and others to capture hobby enthusiasts whose purchases tend to gravitate around electronics.   

Approach: Recent brick and mortar visits

  • Segment Name: Recent + retail location
  • Why You Should Use This: Let’s say you’re playing detective, and you’re working a case as to whether your suspect wants to buy a cell phone or not. One of the first questions you’d ask is, “have you been to a cell phone store lately?” Well, you can find users who have done just that. So if you’re a marketer who wants to find users who may want to buy your cell phone, choose the Recent segment along with the retail location ‘Cell Phone Stores.’ You just cracked the case.  

Approach: Smarty Pants

  • Segment Name: Advanced Degrees
  • Why You Should Use This: With advanced degrees comes higher earnings and spending habits, which makes them prime candidates for consumer electronics purchases. And if they’ve made their way through the higher echelons, there’s a good chance they had a few digital assistants along the way, which means they’re likely to buy them again once those products’ life cycle ends.

Approach: Trendy Apps

  • Segment Name: Trendy Application Users
  • Why You Should Use This: Chances are if someone is a consistent user of the latest apps available on their phone, they like to lead a digital life. App-enthusiasts are more likely to purchase tech-oriented items, so be sure you’re keeping them in mind.

Approach: Fancy TV Owners

  • Segment Name: High End TV Buyers
  • Why You Should Use This: If someone owns the latest, greatest TV on the market, you can bet your bottom dollar that they have other top of the line electronic gadgets all over their house. These folks have shown they’re willing to splash the cash when it comes to electronics, so be sure to take advantage of them.

A Creative Targeting Approach Can Pay Dividends

There’s a lot of competition out there in the consumer electronics space, so a creative approach to audience targeting can help give you an edge on the competition. Hopefully our recommendations above are something you can incorporate into your own campaigns, or at the very least, inspired you to think outside the usual audiences. Now go out there and get creative with your targeting — your campaigns will thank you for it.