SteelHouse Triples Revenue in 2015 Making it the Fastest Growing Company in Advertising

SteelHouse Closes the Year at a $130 Million Revenue Run Rate

LOS ANGELES – January 26, 2016 – Advertising software company, SteelHouse, continues to grow significantly faster than any other company in advertising with a 2015 growth rate of 170%. This comes on the heels of the $49 million financing round the company announced they closed in November, despite a challenging environment for fundraising in the ad tech industry. The funding round was led by Mercato Ventures, which joined Greycroft Partners and other leading VCs that previously invested $24 million. SteelHouse has remained profitable for more than two years, proving that fast growth and profitability can be achieved at the same time.

SteelHouse has taken a different approach to the advertising market by pioneering a software-based platform; the SteelHouse Advertising Suite provides a fully integrated, cross-device advertising solution for social, mobile, and display advertising. The suite includes audience segmentation, campaign management, a creative ad builder, and reporting tools – all under one roof. This replaces the complexity marketers face in trying to assemble separate DMP, DSP, and reporting solutions through multiple vendors, which often results in inconsistent reporting and weaker performance.

“SteelHouse was built by veteran marketers who were tired of the existing black box advertising solutions and who wanted to create something better. If you ask marketers today, their biggest complaint is around the lack of transparency and control over their digital media budgets,” says founder and CEO of SteelHouse, Mark Douglas. “Having felt the same pain, we built a solution that provides marketers with the highest level of transparency and control.”

SteelHouse added over 400 brands in 2015 and counts Oakley, Staples, Getty Images, and hundreds of others among its customers. The company expects to more than double its customers and revenue in 2016.


About SteelHouse

SteelHouse™ is a data-driven advertising software company delivering innovative, performance-based advertising solutions to brands, agencies, and direct marketers. SteelHouse works with premium brands world-wide using the SteelHouse Advertising Suite, a cloud-based advertising platform, to create the ultimate personalized brand-customer experience for marketers.