SteelHouse Reveals 10 Most Common ‘Shopping Personalities’ – Insight that Helps Boost eCommerce Revenue

Helps eCommerce Marketers Target Their Offers to Increase Response Rates to Offers and On-Site Messages to Consumers

SAN DIEGO (June 15, 2011) – Behavioral Commerce pioneer SteelHouse ( today unveiled the 10 most common consumer shopping personalities, giving eCommerce marketers insight into what kinds of shoppers help increase their sales.

SteelHouse unveiled the Top 10 Shopping Personality Profiles at the Internet Retailer 2011 Conference & Exhibition, held here through Friday.

“How can you make effective offers unless you understand the shopping personalities and buying behaviors of your shoppers?” said SteelHouse CEO Mark Douglas. “Most retail marketing is focused on the ‘what’ – what product someone is viewing – but that doesn’t tell you anything about who that shopper is and what drives them to actually buy. Does that person ever buy on a first visit? Only buy with free shipping? Usually buy at full price?

“Without that insight, you might needlessly give discounts to people who would pay full price, or spend money on ineffective offers targeting shoppers with an incentive that won’t work. SteelHouse technology segments shoppers based on their personality and buying behaviors which enables marketers to present the right offer to the right type of shopper at the right time. This approach is increasing conversion and revenue in a big way.”

SteelHouse identified the most common shopping personalities based on aggregate shopping information because clients who understand who their shoppers are can finally approach them with real-time offers that actually appeal to them and cause them to convert – thereby generating significant amounts of revenue. Understanding the different types of shopping personalities is the first step, according to Douglas. “But it’s the ability to act on that intelligence with real-time offers that really gives our clients the edge over their competition.”

The 10 Most Common Shopping Personality Profiles

  1. Distracted Shopper – When I shop online, I often like to begin the checkout process but for one reason or another, I don’t always complete the purchase.
  2. Premium Shopper – I only buy the best. I want premium name brands with the latest features, trends and the most advanced technology.
  3. Determined Shopper – I always research before I buy. I will view the exact item I want multiple times, looking for a drop in price or an offer.
  4. Active Shopper – I am always shopping online, not always buying, but always browsing. I am not looking for incentives but they can help me convert when I’m window shopping.
  5. Free Shipping Hunter – I like to buy online, but it has to include free shipping. If I find out the store doesn’t offer free shipping, I’ll leave and find a website that does.
  6. Thrifty Shopper – I like to buy used or refurbished items. If I can get the same product used for much less, I’ll buy it.
  7. Loyal Shopper – I only purchase if I can join a rewards club or special rewards program. This often leads to me purchasing at the same stores.
  8. Methodical Shopper – When I shop online, I like to browse for the exact product I’m looking for. I often browse using site navigation, browsing through each product until I find that perfect product.
  9. Impatient Shopper – When I shop online, I search for what I’m looking for at a given site. If I don’t find it immediately, I look somewhere else.
  10. Wish List Shopper – I like to shop online—I just don’t always purchase. I add everything I am interested in to the shopping cart to see what the total price might be.

“Until now there hasn’t been a way for marketers to combine this type of insight with the ability to immediately act on it,” said Douglas. “That’s what we call Behavioral Commerce.”

Last week, SteelHouse won the top award at the prestigious Launch: Silicon Valley 2011 startup showcase. SteelHouse’s pioneering work in Behavioral Commerce was singled out as the most promising and innovative work in the “Next-Generation Internet” category.

SteelHouse has patent-pending Behavioral Commerce technology – called The Opportunity Machine – that identifies a number of unique shopping personalities and buying behaviors for each eCommerce website, then enables marketers to act on that intelligence with real-time offers that will increase their conversions, sales and revenue.

About SteelHouse

SteelHouse™ (, a data-driven marketing technology company, brings innovative advertising solutions to brands, agencies, and eCommerce marketers. The SteelHouse team is comprised of veteran direct marketers and engineers from eHarmony, E*TRADE, Oracle and the Rubicon Project. Together, they’ve built the easiest Cloud-based Marketing Platform – SteelHouse CANVAS – one platform for acquisition and retention, which consistently keeps the same message in front of an audience through display, onsite, and social. SteelHouse reaches more than 170 million consumers a month, across hundreds of the world’s largest brands with its award-winning creative and retargeting technologies. SteelHouse is based in Culver City, California.

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