SteelHouse Points to Rapid Decline of Traditional TV Viewership as Reason to Advertise on Connected TV

New Offering Helps Brands Catch the Growing Number of Cord Cutters


LOS ANGELES, Feb. 8, 2018 — The shift in TV-viewing habits from traditional TV to Connected TV (CTV) has been substantial over the past year, with “cord cutters” increasing across all generations. Nearly half of 22 to 45 year olds no longer watch traditional TV, debunking the idea that only Millennials are cutting the cord. This decline in viewership has created a large, key demographic that is unreachable by brands relying on traditional TV advertising.

SteelHouse’s new CTV advertising offering allows brands to reach the growing number of cord cutters with the efficiency and data-driven precision of a digital channel. This represents an opportunity for marketers to capitalize on increasing amounts of inventory, and to connect with the rapidly expanding CTV audience.

“With such a rapidly growing audience, the opportunity to advertise on CTV has never been greater than it is now,” said Mark Douglas, CEO of SteelHouse. “Every TV media buyer is going to make this transition, it’s just about whether they want to be proactive and start now.”

Losses in traditional cable TV subscribers will continue to grow as more streaming options become available, and as more consumers rely on the Internet for Living Room Quality entertainment. Broadband homes (94.5 million) have overtaken traditional pay TV homes (~ 92.2 million), according to Leichtman Research Group. This is evident from the record breaking 2 million people who streamed the Super Bowl and the same is expected from the winter Olympics which will be available on the NBC Sports App this week.

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