Discovers Secret Ingredient to Increase Sales by Nearly 500 Percent, Using SteelHouse’s Behavioral Commerce

Two Key Innovations – New Online Analytics and Immediate Ad Deployment, Driven Off Those Analytics – Helped Find New Customers and Increase Conversions

LOS ANGELES (Aug., 9, 2011) – Business is heating up, as ( discovers the power of SteelHouse’s Behavioral Commerce technology ( to increase sales for its online eCommerce site – with campaigns that increase incremental lift by up to 500 percent. is one of the largest culinary retailers in the world, running online stores for Starbucks, Pillsbury and The Food Network, in addition to its own site. The company sought a new way to increase conversion rates beyond what was possible with retargeting solutions. The company had tried standard demographic targeting, product targeting and the usual offer testing, but never saw the results it wanted. turned to SteelHouse and its award-winning Behavioral Commerce platform because SteelHouse offered two key innovations – completely new online analytics, and immediate ad deployment driven off those analytics.

SteelHouse’s behavioral-based platform enabled to learn what types of shopping personalities and buying behaviors existed on its sites, and what types of offers would motivate each shopping personality to convert.

“We never knew how many different types of shoppers our site attracted,” said Jason Williams, Director of Account Management, “With the SteelHouse platform we can target different offers to different types of shoppers based on what we now know will motivate them to purchase. We get higher conversion and preserve our margin for certain types of shoppers.”

SteelHouse helped pinpoint three distinct shopping personalities that could benefit from offers fine-tuned to their personalities. The results significantly exceeded’s expectations.

Coupon Code Shoppers are motivated to purchase only when presented with special limited-time coupon offers. To motivate these shoppers, SteelHouse offered a personalized free shipping coupon code. Incremental lift: >498%
Distracted Shoppers frequently add items to their shopping carts but often leave the site prior to completing the purchase. To motivate these shoppers, SteelHouse used a stacked offer that kicked in if the shopper finished the purchase process and spent a certain amount. Incremental lift: 382%
Premium Shoppers pay top dollar for premium kitchen products to display for the benefit of their friends and family. To motivate these shoppers, SteelHouse featured high-end products in the ad, along with high-ceiling offers that only kick in for purchases over $300. Incremental lift: 163%

(Lift measured against a control group.)

Real-Time Business Intelligence + Real-Time Ad Deployment = Real Gains’s experience with SteelHouse marked the first time they were able to use real-time shopping behavior to drive offers and messaging, and the results both surprised and encouraged them to create dozens of campaigns targeted to different shopping personalities to drive significant sale increases across all sites.

“ was able to realize these conversion gains because the SteelHouse platform analyzes shopping personalities and buying behaviors in real-time and can then immediately deploy different offers to those different shoppers,” said Mark Douglas, SteelHouse CEO. “It’s a win-win – increases its sales, and consumers get the offers that most appeal to their shopping personalities.”

About SteelHouse

SteelHouse™ (, a data-driven marketing technology company, brings innovative advertising solutions to brands, agencies, and eCommerce marketers. The SteelHouse team is comprised of veteran direct marketers and engineers from eHarmony, E*TRADE, Oracle and the Rubicon Project. Together, they’ve built the easiest Cloud-based Marketing Platform – SteelHouse CANVAS – one platform for acquisition and retention, which consistently keeps the same message in front of an audience through display, onsite, and social. SteelHouse reaches more than 170 million consumers a month, across hundreds of the world’s largest brands with its award-winning creative and retargeting technologies. SteelHouse is based in Culver City, California.

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