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An Ad Platform With the Right Technology Makes the Difference

Written by Tim Edmundson

There’s a lot that goes into the success of a campaign. Your creative has to shine to grab your customer’s attention, your targeting has to be precise to capture audiences that are likely to convert, and your budget needs to be spent effectively and efficiently enough to ensure you’re getting the most for your efforts. And while creative and targeting require careful planning and consideration by marketers the world over, campaign optimization and spending budget the right way is another story altogether.

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You Need an Ad Platform With Auto-Optimization

With the way digital advertising works it’s just not possible for a human to keep up when it comes to effectively optimizing a campaign. If a marketer is manually trying to optimize their campaigns to take advantage of all the metrics and indicators that tell them where performance is hiding, they’re going to get left in the dust.

That’s why the ad platform you choose, and its supporting technology, makes such a difference when it comes to driving performance. An ad platform with an automated optimization engine, like the SteelHouse Advertising Suite and its Dynamic Spend Optimization (DSO) technology, makes decisions in real time, factoring in millions of data points, to ensure it’s serving ads to users who are likely to convert in the most efficient way possible. It does this by not only identifying the right opportunities to serve ads, but the right price to win the auction — which is why it doesn’t require a bid. Its main focus is maximizing the effectiveness of an advertiser’s budget, which means it bids a calculated, “right” price everytime.

If you’re a marketer who is manually making optimizations, or waiting for an agency to do it for you, you’re not only missing out on real-time opportunities but any changes made to your campaign will lag behind. Once you know the facts, it’s an easy decision to make — you need an ad platform that manages your campaign optimizations for you.  

The Proof is in the Performance

The idea that automated optimization is superior to a manual process isn’t just a theory — we’ve been seeing notably better performance from campaigns powered by DSO for some time now. To illustrate that point, here’s a brief story of a retailer who launched a retargeting campaign in the Advertising Suite that utilized DSO.

  • First, audience segments were created to focus on particular types of purchasers.
  • Highly engaging creative was then built in the Creative Suite to help catch these customers’ attention, with ads featuring product carousels of products users would find interesting.
  • DSO technology then analyzed campaign data to identify causality trends and optimize toward getting the client more online orders. For example, it analyzed which days of the week drove the most sales, and discovered Fridays and Mondays were strong sales-leaders, with Saturdays trailing the pack. In response, bids were decreased on Saturdays and increased on Fridays and Mondays, helping the campaigns efficiently drive strong performance.
  • When the campaign finished, the retailer drove an impressive 340% ROAS compared to their goal.

Because DSO was able to analyze vast amounts of data in such a short time, the campaign was better equipped to move budget to ad placements, publishers, devices, and browsers to capture the most conversions. What resulted were campaign results that put the retailer’s previous retargeting solution to shame.

Pick the Right Platform With the Right Technology

The performance above is a great reason why you need to be smart about the ad platform you pick. The tech under the hood can make all the difference, and with an optimization engine like DSO powering the SteelHouse Advertising Suite your campaigns are set up for success. So if you’re shopping around for the right ad solution, let’s talk.