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Our Panel Recap of Advertising Week 2017

Written by Tim Edmundson

Panels, speeches, and cocktail hours: it’s the Advertising Week experience. And while the parties and people were great, we had other things on our mind. SteelHouse hosted two panels this year centered around two major industry trends; technology’s impact on the brand/agency relationship, and the future of six second video ads.

We figured putting enough smart people in a room and giving them an important topic would produce interesting results, and we weren’t disappointed. See for yourself by clicking through below to see each panel in full. We’ve also assembled some of the best quotes to give you a sense of the conversation. Enjoy!

The Changing Technology-Brand-Agency Relationship: Disruption Ahead

Mark Douglas | President & CEO, SteelHouse
David Cohen | President, North America Magna
Sean Lyons | President US, R/GA

Alexandra Bruell |
Wall Street Journal

Watch the full panel here.

Mark Douglas:
> “If computers can drive cars, they can probably buy advertising.”

> “We are in no way anti-agency — we’re anti media buyer. We just think it can be done better by computers.”

> “You stop serving ads when it’s no longer profitable to do so. Easy to measure with computers…that’s a very simple optimization that can be done by technology, but you’re not typically going to see a team of media buyers graphing out the profitability of purchases against the advertising spend.”

David Cohen:
> “Could we potentially use some automation in our business from SteelHouse? Absolutely. It’s just not going to be the majority of what we do. It is kind of incremental, as opposed to wholesale change.”

> “The sky isn’t falling, I think we have to moderate our enthusiasm for media buyers being out of the business.”

> “Could this have impact on a ten year horizon? Certainly. But it’s not having an impact today.”

Sean Lyons:
“A client wants something simple and integrated… It’s very hard to manage 10-12 agencies, you can talk to any of your clients about how complex it is. So they’re going to have to rely on other solutions for that.”

> “I’ll work with either of you guys, that’s fine. Call me up.” (Regarding using human teams vs. an algorithm to manage media buys)

Can Brands Actually Tell a Story in Six Seconds?

David Simon | CMO, SteelHouse
Libby Brockhoff | Partner, Odysseus Arms
Richard Alan Reid | ECD, Buzzfeed

Minda Smiley | The Drum

Watch the full panel here.

Richard Alan Reid:
> “[Six second video ads] are a hook to lead you to the longer form content or lead you to the next thing. It’s almost like a set up / punchline is the basic format of the storytelling within the six second spot that leaves you wanting more. If you can generate that from a six second ad, that’s what’s really powerful.”

> “. . . at the end of the day, if ads are going to be interrupting the content that we’re enjoying, if we can shorten that experience but be just as effective then certainly that’s an ideal that everyone would want.”

Libby Brockhoff:
> “A lot of the conversation around six second ads has been around a younger audience, but I don’t think anyone is really out of this conversation.”

David Simon:
> “Our standard for creating content as users is more of a draft, and that’s accepted and appropriate. There may be an opportunity for brands to be a little more adventurous with a short format that’s a lower investment per piece.”

> “I think personalization and use of data is coming to this format. There is technology that lets you do this with video, and when done right it’s very compelling.”