Is Content the Answer to Ad Blocking?

Written by Tim Edmundson

Recently Patraizio Spagnoletto, SteelHouse CMO, shared his thoughts on the rising issue of ad blocking with the Huffington Post.huffington-post-logo

There is a thought in the industry that publishers are swearing off display. But are they really? With the rise of content marketing, native ads, viewability and ad blockers, it’s safer to say that publishers and users alike are getting tired of intrusive ads.

Who Gave Display a Bad Name?

Is the negative stigma attached to display warranted? Maybe. But it’s not the fault of the ads or the technology behind the ads, rather the publishers that killed the user experience. By their very nature, display ads are not completely intrusive. As publishers began saturating their sites with ads, they made more money, but turned off users in the process.

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