4th of July 2015

Written by Tim Edmundson

With stars and stripes, barbeques, and blow out sales on consumers’ minds, it’s time for marketers to prepare for Independence Day. Here’s some insight into this July 4th, to help inspire you to take advantage of your freedom to get creative with your marketing campaigns this year.

TIMING YOUR CAMPAIGNS | Online searches related to America’s birthday are almost exclusively focused during the week of the holiday itself. The window for marketers to capitalize on Fourth of July-related searches, then, is much smaller than the typical four-week period we see for other holidays.

STAY ON THEME | Get creative in how you can relate your brand to the 4th. Discount all red, white, or blue products or think of unique ways your products or services can be used during the long weekend of sun, fun, and partying. You don’t need to sell American flag printed party decorations to do this. Lowes knocked it out of the ballpark with this Vine they posted, creating a fireworks display with a selection of their many products.

BE A RESOURCE | Market your brand while providing creative 4th of July ideas. No matter what your business is, you can offer information and ideas that will benefit parade-goers and Independence Day revelers alike. This retailer nailed it with their guide to “Get Beach Ready to Celebrate 4th of July.”


What examples of great Fourth of July marketing have you seen out there? Or tell us what you’re doing to celebrate your brand for the 4th. Share with us on Twitter using #builttoperform.