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  1. Retargeting & Prospecting
  2. How Connected TV Works
  3. Ad Builder
  4. Analytics & Reporting

One Platform for Every Goal

Drive new visitors to your site and bring them back to convert across display, mobile, social, and Connected TV — all from a single self-serve ad platform.

Build Your Creative

Launch Your Campaign

Track Your Performance

Sales funnel highlighting the prospecting portion.


Automate customer acquisition with intelligent campaigns that find your next best customers and fill your funnel.

Sales funnel highlighting the retargeting portion.


Convert site visitors and keep them engaged with display, native, mobile, and Facebook retargeting campaigns.

Better Together

Your prospecting and retargeting campaigns automatically learn from each other and apply what works best.

Campaigns Driven by Intelligence

Dynamic Spend Optimization automatically optimizes your campaigns all day, every day, using billions of data points sourced from all SteelHouse campaigns and advertisers.

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Simplify Your Retargeting and Prospecting

Just build, launch, and track your campaign’s performance, and our technology does the rest.

User interface showing retargeting and prospecting ad templates and retargeting ad examples.

I. Build

Start by building creative that will engage your audience.

  1. Build Your Own Ads

    Create beautiful ads using a library of professionally-designed ad templates you can customize in any way.

    Build your creative in our Ad Builder using templates or from scratch. Incorporate multiple scenes, elements, images, and video to engage your audience, drive performance, and tell your brand’s story.

  2. Automatic Ad Resizing

    Simply create a single ad, and our technology automatically resizes it into dozens of ad sizes to run across six channels — saving time, money, and resources.

  3. Creative for Every Campaign

    Build ads for campaigns that match your marketing goals.

    • Prospecting

      Find new customers with ads that reach them wherever they are, including mobile and social.

    • Retargeting

      Bring customers back to your site with creative optimized to drive conversions.

Learn More About Ad Builder

User interface showing retargeting and prospecting campaign budget, performance, and first party data behavioral targeting.

II. Launch

Enter your budget and goal, and our technology does the rest.

  1. Set Goals That Drive Performance

    Other platforms get caught up on just clicks. Our technology spends your budget on the channels and ad placements that will actually affect your bottom line.

    By choosing a ROAS or eCPA goal, you ensure your performance focuses on the customer interactions that result in conversions.

  2. Your Campaign is Automatically Optimized

    There's a new, better way to manage your advertising. Your spend is automatically allocated in real time based on the channels, publishers, and ad placements that perform best.

    By instantly analyzing data as it’s collected, our Dynamic Spend Optimization technology optimizes your campaign exactly when it’s needed to drive the most conversions possible faster and more efficiently than any human.

Learn More About Dynamic Spend Optimization

User interface showing retargeting and prospecting campaign metrics in a programmatic marketing platform.

III. Perform

Track your performance with the most transparent reporting in the industry.

  1. Publisher-Level Reporting

    Get the most detailed analytics in the industry for complete transparency into clicks, conversions, and spend – all with visual reports that are presentation-ready. Simply drag and drop metrics to customize your reports in any way.

  2. Transparent Pricing

    Other marketing solutions charge up to a 60% margin, hidden in your media buys.

    Do you know where your ad spend is really going?

    • Top to Bottom Transparency

      We show you exactly where your ads are running, and give you CPM and impression frequency all the way down to the publisher level. You can even see exactly how much of your spend went towards media.

    • Our Model

      Our pricing is based on a dynamic CPM model. This allows us the flexibility to scale across all channels, publishers, and ad sizes by continually adjusting based on your specific campaign requirements.

Learn More About Analytics & Reporting

See the performance you can drive with the SteelHouse Advertising Suite