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Advertisers Will Spend $7 Billion on Connected TV in 2019

Written by Tim Edmundson

Ad Spend Set to Increase Significantly

Because Connected TV is still relatively a small market as compared to other channels, it has been somewhat overlooked by advertisers. But as the number of cord-cutters rises every year, CTV will begin to close the gap on ad spend with desktop and mobile. Research from eMarketer has suggested just that – and has forecasted that by 2023 CTV ad spend will reach a whopping $14.6 billion, doubling the numbers from this year.

As platforms like Hulu and Roku continue to lead the Connected TV market, there are many people who even think that subscription based systems like Netflix will become obsolete. Viewers are starting to experience subscription-fatigue, and instead are turning to less expensive, ad-supported content to fill their TV watching time. This opens the door to advertisers who are looking for a way to get started on CTV. And with the targeting and measuring capabilities available with CTV, we can’t say we are surprised.

Connected TV in the News

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