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Advertisers Leveraging Connected TV Locally

Written by Tim Edmundson

Geo-targeting on Connected TV Unlocks Local Audiences

A recent study revealed that marketers increased their ad spend on local Connected TV advertising by 127% last year. This jump in ad spend was much more than the increase in typical U.S. digital ad spend – which had a 19% increase as reported by eMarketer. With this in mind, it’s no surprise that CTV is one of the fastest growing channels in advertising today, and local CTV seems to be contributing to that growth.

Advertising on Connected TV through geolocation presents a unique opportunity for marketers to not only target locally, but to further drill down into unique audience segments. Unlike the more ‘throw it at the wall and hope for the best’ capabilities available with linear TV, advertising with CTV ensures your ads get in front of ideal consumers for your brand. Its programmatic capabilities help drive your campaigns by reaching your audience wherever they’re watching, and you can measure success with detailed reporting. So whether you are advertising an online business to all of the people working from their couch, or intend to support a brick-and-mortar establishment, CTV is an excellent option to find your perfect customers and lead them to convert.

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