Advanced TV Insider: The Ins and Outs of CTV Retargeting

Jun 10, 2020

With CTV viewership reaching new levels, and more advertisers interested in performance marketing, a retargeting strategy that includes CTV is an increasingly popular and powerful campaign tactic. SteelHouse CEO Mark Douglas was asked to provide the lowdown on who’s using it, typical results, and mistakes to avoid.

“CTV retargeting is absolutely considered a performance marketing channel. Any advertiser who has had any regular success with other performance marketing channels will realize immediate success with this channel as well, because they already have the knowledge and reporting infrastructure to run and measure the campaigns.” says SteelHouse CEO, Mark Douglas. 

By treating CTV retargeting as a performance channel, advertisers that have long avoided traditional television advertising because of the lack of reporting and accountability – including tourism bureaus, well-funded consumer goods startups, and even some well-established brands – are now able to run ads on television and measure the impact of their campaign while tracking every dime spent.

Brands can capitalize on their CTV retargeting investment by creating custom audience segments based on varying levels of user engagement. With proper segmentation, simply reminding a user of a product they were viewing, or that your brand still exists, will be enough to re-engage them and drive conversions.

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