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Nov 16, 2020

How the Election Aftermath is Changing Social Media

This year's election has spurred some social media trends, particularly around censorship and big tech. SteelHouse CEO Mark Douglas joined Yahoo! Finance to discuss the potential consequences of these latest trends.

Oct 26, 2020

Ride Sharing Industry Faces a Shake Up As California Rules Reclassifies Drivers As Employees

The on demand industry drives our daily lives, but a California ruling is set to turn this upside down.

Sep 30, 2020

Is Apple Still Able to Innovate? SteelHouse CEO Says No

SteelHouse CEO Mark Douglas says Apple more resembles a financial enterprise now than a cutting edge product company.

Sep 15, 2020

Oracle’s TikTok Deal is All About Advertising, Says SteelHouse CEO

SteelHouse CEO Mark Douglas weighs in on the real value of Oracle’s acquisition of the social platform


  • Mercato Partners
  • SV Angel
  • Baroda Ventures
  • Lighthouse Capital Partners
  • Greycroft
  • Rincon Venture Partners
  • Daher Capital
  • Qualcomm Ventures


Mark oversees the direction of SteelHouse with his 20 years of product development experience gained through repeated success in helping fast-growth companies transition into emerging markets. He started at Oracle. Shortly after, Mark founded a series of successful startups resulting in IPOs and acquisitions. He was the VP of Technology at eHarmony where he built personality-matching technology. More recently, Mark built new technology for Rubicon Project as the VP of Engineering.

Mark Douglas

President & CEO

Ali leads all marketing and communications efforts at SteelHouse. Ali is also an instructor at UCLA Extension, teaching marketing and advertising courses in the Business & Management certification program. Previously, Ali served as principal product designer at Symantec working on the Norton Security line of consumer software. Prior to Symantec, Ali oversaw digital marketing for the Digital Media Services division of Verizon.

Ali Haeri

VP of Marketing

Chris joined an early-stage SteelHouse more than six years ago as VP of Customer Success. Over the course of his tenure, he has led customer service functions including SteelHouse’s international expansion. Most recently, he was Chief Monetization Officer, managing all revenue generation for SteelHouse. Taking the reigns as the company's first COO, Chris oversees all process and systems across the company in addition to assuming broad, top-level management function.

Chris Innes

Chief Operating Officer

Natalie comes to SteelHouse with over 10 years of adtech, sales, and strategic partnerships experience. Most recently, she led partnerships at Omaze and was a senior sales executive at Google, managing relationships with top advertisers. She played a key role in developing mobile click-to-call products, Google Wallet partnerships, custom YouTube music distribution programs, and cross-platform programmatic sales strategies.

Natalie Serota

SVP of Business Development

Anna is the heart and soul of SteelHouse; it is said the company would not have its rich culture without her. She leads the charge ensuring every team member forms a strong relationship with both their team and the company. She started her career in music and entertainment management before being drawn to the world of startups. Since then she has worn many hats, ranging from finance to accounting and human resources.

Anna McMurphy

Head of People, Culture & Entertainment

Rory leads our client success strategy and program execution at SteelHouse and contributes to our continuous focus on client development and growth. He brings more than 15 years of sales and client success leadership across many large players in the martech and adtech industries. Prior to joining SteelHouse, he held senior roles with CheetahMail, Experian Marketing Services, and Cheetah Digital, where he was most recently Head of Channels and Partners for North America.

Rory Mitchell

Chief Revenue Officer

Curtis leads our Finance and Accounting team ensuring strategy and performance are supported through financial reporting, compliance and treasury planning. He brings 20 years of experience directing and supporting financial strategies in a variety of companies including 20th Century Fox, Warner Bros, Universal Studios, and Virgin Mobile. Most recently he served as the SVP of Saban Brands Accounting and Finance from startup through acquisition.

Curtis Johnson

VP of Finance

Marwan drives the next generation of SteelHouse's products. He works closely with the product teams to inspire and develop pivotal, game-changing product visions, while also directing the company's overall product roadmap. He has developed marketing technology and innovative, accessible product interfaces and platforms for numerous companies. Previously, Marwan was VP of Marketing at mobileStorm, Inc. and VP of Product Marketing at the Rubicon Project.

Marwan Soghaier

Chief Product Officer

Build Your Career at SteelHouse

It’s easy for any company to say they have a great culture, but all it takes is talking to people who work there to know if that’s really true. At SteelHouse, we’ve built a culture based on trust, ambition, and accountability -- but most importantly we really like working here. We’re looking for people who naturally want to do more, own more, and make an impact in their careers. Does this sound like you? If so, take a look at our open positions.

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Meet Our Team

  1. Rory Mitchell

    Chief Revenue Officer

  2. Marwan Soghaier

    Chief Product Officer

  3. Katie Wilson

    Senior Interactive Designer

  4. Anna McMurphy

    Head of People, Culture & Entertainment

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