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7 Ecommerce Audiences That Convert: From Top to Bottom Funnel

Written by Tim Edmundson

Ecommerce can be a fiercely competitive space – 2019 saw $333 billion in digital ad spending and 2020 is expected to top $384 billion. Marketers are spending a lot of money to ensure shoppers spend their hard-earned cash with their brand – and if you’re reading this, chances are you count yourself amongst them. 

If you want your campaigns to have an edge on the competition and direct eyes and dollars to your brand, you need to make sure your audience targeting is on point. That means leveraging both first and third party data to ensure your ad dollars are spent wisely – and reach users who are likely to engage and convert. Let’s break down what you can do to not only target new users, but also bring site visitors back to hit that ‘buy’ button. 

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Smart Retargeting Audiences Yield Strong Results

You have a steady stream of visitors coming to your site – but they’re not converting. How do you make the most of this audience who already know your brand and are interested in your product offering? With retargeting campaigns equipped with intelligent audience segmentation, that’s how.

Poor retargeting performance can often be attributed to “one size fits all” campaigns, with broad messaging served to all site visitors. You can drive more conversions by pairing messaging and offers with customers based on where they are in the buying journey. Let’s break down a few basic retargeting audiences any ecommerce brand can leverage to start bringing users back to convert.

Approach: Consideration Campaigns

Segment Name: Just in Market
✔ 1-3 page views
✔ 1 site visit
✔ 0 products added to cart

Why They Matter: These are folks who browsed your site and are still learning about your brand and products. 

How to Reach Them: Use product carousels in your ads to show off your best selling items so they get a solid sense of what you can offer (and show them items they’re likely to want).

Segment Name: Reluctant Shoppers
✔ 4+ page views
✔ 1 site visit
✔ 0 products added to cart

Why They Matter: People who visited your site just once but clicked around more than the average first-time visitor.

How to Reach Them: Serve an ad with a modest offer; it may be enough to convince them to convert.

Approach: Conversion Campaigns

Segment Name: Highly-Engaged
✔ 2+ views to specific product page
✔ 0 products added to cart

Why They Matter: These are users who are interested enough in a particular item to visit its product page multiple times.  

How to Reach Them: Serve them retargeting ads that feature the product they’ve viewed to keep it top of mind.

Segment Name: Cart Abandoners
✔ 1+ products added to cart

Why They Matter: These users are so close to converting – they’ve added a product to their cart but haven’t completed checkout yet. 

How to Reach Them: Serve them an ad that features the products left in their cart, and offer a sweetener like “free shipping” or “X% off” to convince them to convert.

Want even more retargeting inspiration? Check out our retargeting cheat sheet for more audience segments that cover multiple phases of the buyer’s journey. Give it a read here.

Need New Audiences? Leverage the Oracle Data Cloud

Retargeting campaigns are great for getting users to come back and convert, but what about getting new users to your site so they can keep those retargeting campaigns fueled with new prospects? That’s where third party audience data comes in. It’s the foundation of any solid prospecting campaign because it gives you insights (and targeting capabilities) outside of your own data. Looking for users who shop at your competitors? You can reach them. How about users who are in-market for specific items in your vertical? You can find them too. 

Most digital marketers will think social or display ad channels when it comes to prospecting. But after a couple years experience launching campaigns on Connected TV, we’ve discovered it makes for a great prospecting ad channel. That’s why we integrated the Oracle Data Cloud into SteelHouse Performance TV, to give marketers the power to reach the same audiences they would on display and social, but with the power of television advertising. 

Ecommerce can be pretty broad, and effective audiences will vary by vertical and industry. That said, we’ve assembled some general advice for audience targets that any ecommerce marketer can use as inspiration for their own campaigns.

Approach: Buyer Propensity

Segment Name: Amazon Buyer Propensity 

Why You Should Use This: You’re not just limited to Amazon – Oracle offers plenty of other sources to choose from including eBay, Etsy, Overstock, and other ecommerce giants. You can even target based on how shoppers buy, including Google Wallet. The point of targeting these users is they have shown a propensity to purchase products online, and would most likely buy from you as well if you can offer them what they’re looking for.

Approach: Online X Shopper

Segment Name: Online Accessories/automotive/shoe buyers/etc. Buyers

Why You Should Use this: These types of segments get you access to shoppers who have previously purchased products online that can match your product offering. If someone purchases these things once, there’s a solid chance they’ll do it again. And by leveraging these audience segments, you ensure you’ll be a part of their consideration set when it’s time to buy again. 

Approach: Purchase Predictors

Segment Name: Apparel/Home Decor/Home Office Purchase Predictor

Why You Should Use this: Based on past behavior and tendencies, you can select audiences that are likely to purchase a certain item online. Apply this to your vertical (fashion, home goods, etc.) and you’ll be getting your ads in front of the right viewers in no time. 

Top or Bottom of the Funnel, Targeting Makes the Difference

There’s a lot of competition when it comes to the ecommerce space, but you can give yourself an edge with the right audience targeting. By driving the right users to your site, and then retargeting them based on their behavior once they visit, you can set yourself up for success when it comes to driving valuable conversions. 

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