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4 Reasons Why You Need a Facebook Marketing Partner

Written by Tim Edmundson

Facebook created the Facebook Marketing Partner program, or FMP, to help their marketer clients get the get the most out of the Facebook platform. FMPs are vetted for excellence in exactly the things you need to get more from your marketing. By working with companies that earn the FMP status, Facebook ensures their advertisers are equipped to get the most out of the Facebook platform.

Whether it’s managing campaigns at scale, improving measurement, reaching new audiences or more, there’s an FMP that’s a fit for you and your goals. There are a total of seven FMP types, each with their own area of expertise. They are:

> Ad Technology | Scale and optimize your campaigns.
> Community Management | Effectively manage Pages and conversations.
> Creative Platforms | More efficiently create, curate and serve up content.
> Small Business Solutions | Find technologies and services for small and locally based businesses.
> Advanced Onboarding | Find your current customers on Facebook.
> Audience Data Providers | Find new customers on Facebook using 3rd-party data.
> Measurement | Track performance of Facebook mobile app ad campaigns.

It’s hard to break down all the benefits of working with each type of FMP in a single blog post. Each has their own main selling points, and deserve their own article. Since SteelHouse is an Advertising Technology FMP, we’ll use that track as an example. Let’s examine the top four reasons why you should work with an Ad Tech FMP when running campaigns on Facebook.

1. You Get Early Access to Betas, Alphas, and New Features Via the API

When working with an FMP, you’re eligible for early access to alphas and betas on Facebook and Instagram. Because FMPs have a strong understanding of the API, the new features, optimizations, and formats released there are quickly accessible and made ready for you. Your FMP’s ability to navigate the API is key in unlocking the latest innovations available.

When you get early access to these types of programs, it puts you ahead of the competition. By testing the latest innovations from Facebook, you have an edge over any competitor who isn’t working with an FMP.

2. FMPs are Certified Facebook Experts

Working with an FMP means working with Facebook experts. That means you’re not going to be left guessing on what’s best for your brand, how the latest innovations can work for you, or what best practices are key to follow — because you’ll have certified professionals with the answer.

Facebook doesn’t just hand out the FMP status to anyone. Facebook vets each FMP, and can vouch for them as a trusted partner. They require any potential FMP candidate to meet specific requirements to show they can walk the walk — and they break them out by specialty. Since SteelHouse is a certified Ad Tech FMP, let’s use that track as an example. Here are a few of the nine total requirements Facebook expects of their Ad Tech FMPs.

> Examples of Client Success | To demonstrate their platform offers value to clients.

> Consistent Use of Facebook’s Optimal Products | To show whether Facebook best practices are being followed to help their clients achieve success.

> Sustained Business Growth | To prove that clients continuously find value in their offering.

> Blueprint Certification | To demonstrate they have Facebook-certified experts on staff.

That last one — the Blueprint certification — is pretty important. What does it mean to be Blueprint certified? According to Facebook, “Blueprint Certification recognizes advanced-level proficiency with Facebook’s family of products and services.” As part of their FMP program, Facebook requires that a minimum of two team members be certified. That means when you work with an FMP, you’re working with specialists that know the tactics and optimizations to get you the best performance.

What’s more, FMPs must be certified in particular verticals. This is great for any brand looking to work with an FMP, because they can rest assured they’ll be working with experts in their particular industry. They can leverage this expertise to help scale budget and hit higher metrics. When looking for an FMP, be sure to ask what verticals they are approved for (SteelHouse is approved for both Retail and eCommerce).

3. FMPs Know What’s Coming Next

When planning your marketing strategy and allocating budget, it’s important to know what’s next. Working with an FMP can help you do just that, because they are in-the-know about Facebook’s product roadmap. When there’s a new innovation on the horizon, whether it be for Facebook, Instagram, Whatsapp, or Messenger, your FMP can give you the heads up. And they’ll do it quickly — FMPs pride themselves on being a trusted partner, and that means quick communication.

By knowing what’s coming next, it gives you an advantage on planning your budget and freeing potential ad dollars to make the most of new opportunities. Being able to take advantage of these opportunities can give you the edge over the competition, and help you connect with your audience in new ways.

4. You Create a Partnership (with SteelHouse as Your FMP)

FMPs aren’t just a vendor relationship, they’re a partnership. That means an FMP’s aim is to understand your goals, and formulate a strategy to achieve those goals. And that’s what SteelHouse is all about.

We’ve embraced our role as an FMP, and cannot overstate the value we see in being a Facebook Marketing Partner. With an intimate knowledge of Facebook, we’re prepared to work with you on creative best practices, where to spend your budget, recommend which portions of the platform to focus on, and more. When working with SteelHouse as your FMP, you’ll always have access to the best practices and methodologies that will set your campaigns up for success.

Here are a few more benefits of working with SteelHouse.

> Hands On, or Hands Off | You can be as involved as you want with the partnership. So whether you like to get your hands dirty, or prefer to leave it to the experts, working with SteelHouse lets you maximize your Facebook performance the way that works best for you.

> The SteelHouse Smarter Pixel | Say goodbye to the manual labor of updating product feeds for your Facebook product catalogs – our pixel pulls products directly from your website and automatically creates a product catalog to power DPA (dynamic product ads).

> Access to Innovation | We’ve embraced innovation, and that’s evident with our Innovation Hub. As a SteelHouse partner, you get access to exclusive betas, new formats, and objectives — all while incentivizing you to test with us. And not just for Facebook, either. Our betas extend to major social platforms, Connected TV, and more.

> The Ad Builder | Video ads make a huge impact on social, especially Facebook. If you’re worried because you don’t have vertical video assets or video assets in general, don’t worry. With our Creative Suite, you can build video ads to test new formats like Instagram Stories, even with just static assets.

If You’re on Facebook, You Need a Facebook Marketing Partner

With the benefits we’ve laid out on working with an At Tech FMP (and specifically, SteelHouse), you must realize by now that it’s a great opportunity to get the most out of your Facebook advertising. So what are you waiting for? Let’s get started today.