SteelHouse Introduces An Industry First: Free Viewability

LOS ANGELES – January 18, 2016 – With the launch of Free Viewability for all digital ad campaigns, SteelHouse continues to bring transparency to the industry at a time when viewability continues to be one of the biggest trends. In an industry first, advertisers will not have to pay extra to know their ads meet IAB and MRC viewability requirements.
“You shouldn’t have to pay to know someone saw your ad, it’s as simple as that,” said Mark Douglas, President & CEO at SteelHouse. “We’re giving advertisers the tools to know their spend is being used the right way, and their ads are actually getting in front of their audience.”

The cost of advertising is going up rapidly. Header bidding and other trends have more than doubled CPMs, causing marketers to increasingly demand visibility into how their ads are being served and their budget is being spent. They want to know their ads are served in-view to justify the increased cost.
“If you’re going to double the cost to serve an ad, you should get double the transparency,” said Douglas. “It should be available to everyone, and it should be available for free.”

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About SteelHouse
SteelHouse provides software for brands, agencies, and direct marketers. The SteelHouse Advertising Suite gives premium brands worldwide everything they need to run retargeting and prospecting campaigns through display, mobile, and social – all with complete control and total transparency. With the SteelHouse Creative Suite anyone can create beautiful ads using the content around them.

Marketers Juggle an Average of 5 Technologies, and Nearly 4 Vendors to Buy Digital Media, According to SteelHouse-Commissioned Study

LOS ANGELES – DECEMBER 6, 2016 – Marketing technology is earning a bigger and more critical role within the advertising ecosystem, but with that comes many challenges. Today’s marketers are deploying an average of five technology solutions to buy digital media, according to a recent study jointly conducted by Forrester Consulting and SteelHouse, an advertising software company.

SteelHouse commissioned Forrester to survey 153 marketing decision-makers in the US. The majority of survey respondents pointed to a lack of transparency from vendors — including a lack of information sharing on the pricing of media buys — as the greatest challenge they face when managing digital advertising.

“We’re committed to not only understanding the challenges marketers face, but also providing the transparency this industry needs to allow buyers and sellers to efficiently and effectively drive ads to consumers,” said Mark Douglas, SteelHouse President and CEO.

The survey revealed a number of areas marketers are facing, including:

Further, the study finds that a single platform approach with the right pricing model can help. Eighty-six percent of respondents said a single platform would have a high impact on the ability to measure marketing’s impact on business as a whole. Additionally, marketers who preferred cost-per-impression (CPM) pricing said they were more likely to report increased performance.

To view the related infographic and to download the full study, click here.

In this study, Forrester Consulting conducted an online survey of 153 marketing decision-makers with a title of manager or higher to evaluate from companies in US businesses with 500 or more team members.

About SteelHouse
SteelHouse provides software for brands, agencies, and direct marketers. The SteelHouse Advertising Suite gives premium brands worldwide everything they need to run acquisition and retention campaigns through display, mobile, and social. With the SteelHouse Creative Suite anyone can create beautiful ads using the content around them.

SteelHouse Helps Sperry Reach New Customers in Social Just in Time for Fall

Iconic American brand, Sperry, offers classic footwear, clothing, and accessories that illuminate the seafaring soul in all of us.

Simplifying Media Buys

Digital advertising is a technology-managed business – any marketer can tell you that. Marketers must navigate, manage, and master multiple platforms spread across multiple vendors. This leads to wasted time, a lack of transparency on digital media buys, and a dip in performance. Overcoming these challenges should be the number one priority for any marketer looking to effectively purchase media and manage their campaigns.

SteelHouse teamed up with Forrester Consulting to better understand the challenges marketers face, and the results show a single platform with the right pricing model solves a lot of headaches for the modern marketer.

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Criteo and SteelHouse End Litigation

LOS ANGELES– November 1, 2016 – Criteo (NASDAQ: CRTO) and SteelHouse have dismissed their respective claims, ending the lawsuit filed in the U.S. District Court for the Central District of California entitled Criteo S.A. v. Steel House, Inc., Case No. 2:16-cv-4207-SVW-MRW.

Criteo and SteelHouse provide different business solutions, based on distinct attribution and pricing methodologies, to their clients. Through the legal process, both companies, as well as the online marketing industry, have gained greater clarity about the companies’ respective solutions.

Criteo and SteelHouse agree that the focus should be on continuing to improve transparency in the ad tech industry.



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SteelHouse Launches Creative Suite To Reinvent The Way Digital Ads Are Created

LOS ANGELES, Sept. 12, 2016 — For years, the ability to create quality digital ads has been hindered by poor technology and outdated processes. Advertising software company, SteelHouse, today announces its new Creative Suite, which includes an Ad Builder and Creative Library: An innovation that brings the power to build beautiful ads to professionals at any skill level.

The Creative Suite is fully integrated with Getty Images and YouTube. Brands can access video from YouTube, easily upload their own assets, or choose from millions of high-quality images from the Getty Library to ignite their creativity.

“Digital ads lack engaging content often found on social networks that is created by everyday people,” said Marwan Soghaier, Chief Product Officer at SteelHouse. “We wanted to design a new way for people to create captivating ads using the content around them.”

The backend is powered by A2 – a simple, flexible code-based html language that is completely editable. Users can easily export and run creative on major ad networks including The Trade Desk, AppNexus, DoubleClick, and more. Campaigns can be optimized and performance can be tracked – all from a single application.

“Powerful creative imagery is key to building compelling commercial storytelling – the ability for visual metaphors to communicate a message through the noise of today’s advertising space allows a brand to connect with its customer at a core emotional level,” said Susan Smith Ellis, CMO at Getty Images. “We are proud to partner with SteelHouse on this innovative product which will offer creatives a superior way to build beautiful ads.”

With the Ad Builder, users can create and edit ads in minutes with drag and drop functionality, including messaging, buttons, scene animation, and countdown timers – no coding required. Instead of building ads from scratch, the Creative Library provides access to beautifully-crafted ads ready to be customized.

“The Creative Suite has made our lives easier by giving us the tools we need to create dynamic ads on one platform, versus having to use multiple software to create a final product,” said Chuck Melber, Marketing Manager for Nomad, a smartwatch and smartphone accessories company based in Santa Barbara, Calif. “Now we feel inspired to experiment more with our creative.”

Users can access the SteelHouse Creative Suite by registering online. For a limited time, SteelHouse is offering the first million impressions free:

About SteelHouse:
SteelHouse provides software for brands, agencies, and direct marketers. The SteelHouse Advertising Suite gives premium brands worldwide everything they need to run acquisition and retention campaigns through display, mobile, and social. With the SteelHouse Creative Suite anyone can create beautiful ads using the content around them.

About Getty Images:
Getty Images is the most trusted and esteemed source of visual content in the world, with over 200 million assets available through its industry-leading sites and The Getty Images website serves creative, business and media customers in almost 200 countries and is the first place people turn to discover, purchase and share powerful content from the world’s best photographers and videographers. Getty Images works with over 200,000 contributors and hundreds of image partners to provide comprehensive coverage of more than 130,000 news, sport and entertainment events, impactful creative imagery to communicate any commercial concept and the world’s deepest digital archive of historic photography.

2016 Holiday Digital Marketing Guide

Your Annual Guide to Navigating the Season.
Every marketer can use a little help, especially when it comes to their holiday marketing campaigns. So we have compiled the latest holiday marketing trends, best practices, and innovative campaign ideas.

We’ll cover:

SteelHouse Countersues Criteo Alleging Over 50% of Company’s Revenue Comes From Fraudulent Sources

Los Angeles, Calif – July 26, 2016 – SteelHouse, an advertising software company, today filed suit in federal court in the Central District of California [case number 2:16-CV-04207 SVW (MRWx)] accusing Criteo SA (NASDAQ: CRTO), a Paris, France-based retargeting company, of false advertising, intentional interference with contract, intentional interference with prospective economic advantage and unfair competition.

In the suit, SteelHouse alleges that 52% of Criteo’s clicks, the primary source of the company’s revenue, do not originate from any known website or publisher. SteelHouse uncovered these findings after analyzing third party customer data that showed the source of Criteo’s traffic for customers that were active with both SteelHouse and Criteo since January 2016.

Additionally, the lawsuit alleges Criteo inflates its performance through fraudulent click practices; as an example, 16% of Criteo clicks are from users clicking the same advertisement within a 30-minute period – eight times the industry standard.

“Criteo has an insatiable appetite for clicks to fuel its revenue model and growth,” said Mark Douglas, SteelHouse President and CEO. “Their average click rate is over four times the industry standard which is consistent with recent reports by U.S. Senators Charles Schumer (D-N.Y.) and Mark Warner (D-Va.) about fraudulent click practices in the industry.”

The suit also states that Criteo’s arbitrage revenue model is inflating its profits at the expense of its customers. According to the suit, Criteo’s pricing model deceives customers into believing that an increased CPC bid will yield better performance for the customer. Instead, the increased bid results in no additional traffic for the advertiser.

“Criteo has built its company on a black box model, which gives its advertisers no visibility into how their advertising dollars are being spent. Simply put it’s a money in, clicks out model – this is why the retargeting industry as a whole has moved away from a CPC model,” added Douglas.

The SteelHouse countersuit, was filed concurrently with SteelHouse’s response to a lawsuit filed by Criteo on June 14, 2016, which SteelHouse dismissed as without merit.


About SteelHouse

SteelHouse is a data-driven advertising software company delivering innovative advertising solutions to brands, agencies, and direct marketers. SteelHouse works with premium brands world-wide using the SteelHouse Advertising Suite, a cloud-based advertising platform, to create the ultimate personalized brand-customer experience for marketers.

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