Introducing Zero Margin Media Buys

Traditionally, digital marketing companies make money by marking up media anywhere between 40% and 60%. For example, when you bid a $3.50 CPM, as little as $1.18 could actually be going toward media.

With SteelHouse’s transparent pricing, you’ll know exactly where your budget is going. Instead of a hidden margin, you pay a separate, upfront platform CPM. That means the entire $3.50 goes directly toward your media buy.

Transparency = Control = Performance

We’ve eliminated all the markups by the ad exchanges, networks, and DSPs that typically occur in the ad buying chain. As a result, you’ll have unprecedented insight and control over each campaign’s ROAS and the factors affecting it. You will know your campaign’s true performance and can adjust your ad spend to get the biggest return on your investment.

One Platform, Endless Opportunities

For one simple platform CPM, you get access to the entire SteelHouse Advertising Suite. Get superior segmentation, comprehensive campaign management, unmatched reporting, and the SteelHouse Creative Suite — our groundbreaking, Ad Builder and Creative Library.

With all these services under one roof, you can easily build and launch campaigns in minutes.