Blowing the Smoke Out of Big Data

Blowing the Smoke Out of Big Data – Finally, Somebody Gets Us!

Kudos to Scott Brinker for finally pulling the plug on the myth behind big data. While some folks in the market are just now latching on to this “it” buzzword, it’s fair to say that most people just don’t understand the concept behind big data.

Dispelling wishful thinking that big data somehow carries with it some magical algorithm that will solve all of a company’s online woes, Scott sets the market straight in a recent article, Why Big Testing Will Be Bigger Than Big Data, by explaining how the majority of marketers just don’t know what to do with big data, nor do they have the resources to process it all.

Well lucky for you, we understand your data woes. Wrangling in the big data beast and making it work for our clients is exactly what SteelHouse has been doing for years. And with our clients’ seeing more than 90% click through rates on our Real Time Offer campaigns, we think it’s safe to say we’ve gotten pretty good at it.

Intelligence Over Instincts

The world of marketing is changing, and it’s no longer enough to rely on gut instincts that have been the backbone of marketing management for so long. While big data might give marketers more visibility into incredibly micro levels of customer segments and uncover connections in shopping behaviors that appear to influence different subsets of your audience, it still only serves to generate a supported theory on what will entice shoppers to commit dollars to the items in their shopping carts.

You can crunch all the data you want, but there’s no guarantee that the correlations you uncover will lead to revenue. Embracing ongoing testing and controlled experimentation has to become the industry’s new operating system. But at SteelHouse – it’s nothing new at all; it’s the foundation of everything we do.

Smart People Make Smarter Decisions Than Algorithms Alone

While our technology certainly let’s us mine data better than anyone else and create stunning onsite offers that are as mobile as our clients’ shoppers with our A2 ad builder, we don’t rely on our algorithms and flashy ads alone.

At SteelHouse, we make the power of big data accessible to clients without an army of data scientists, analysts and consultants, enabling them to make data-driven decisions at anytime without the heavy overhead and truckloads of time.

Every client’s business is unique, so we continuously test the correlations we find in the data to see what really works for them on a campaign-by-campaign basis. Our clients rest easy knowing that their accounts are being monitored around-the-clock by our team of marketing techies that manage every aspect of their campaigns – starting with creative development. Then, we optimize, test and retest each campaign based on real-time, actionable analytics. The results are no myth – check out some of our case studies, and see for yourself.

by Carla Silveira, Content

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