Mining for Gold – Data Intelligence Uncovers Fortunes in Giving Shoppers What They Want

Mining for Gold – Data Intelligence Uncovers Fortunes in Giving Shoppers What They Want

Most companies are sitting on a gold mine and don’t even know it. It’s true. And our 2013 New Year’s resolution is to help more companies find the fortune hiding in their own site data.

People often say that a company’s most valuable asset is their employees. While at SteelHouse we think so, too, we’d also venture to say that the shopping behavioral data hidden between a few pixels of web code is a very close second.

And with the right technology to mine it, the right team of specialists to refine it and then combine it with the best mix of creative elements and sequence of messages across the most effective channels – that data can turn into an incredible revenue rush for companies ready to embrace a new era in online marketing.

“It all comes down to smart marketing, dynamic and visual content, and data intelligence to match offers and messaging with the right customer,” say Mark Douglas, our President and CEO. “Most of our clients are already sitting on a gold mine – their data. Mining that data and knowing how to convert it into revenue is our specialty. This will be a big trend in 2013 – marketers finding their gold mine and building campaigns (retargeting, onsite ads, email, etc.) that integrate rich media using their existing content, and launching them into the right sequence of channels at the right time and using one channel to reinforce the other. The brands that know how to incorporate each of these pieces into their integrated marketing approach will see the highest return in sales.”

Some brands like Rosetta Stone are ahead of the curve and already enjoying the payoffs. “The market has changed,” says Caitlin Romig, Digital Marketing Lead at Rosetta Stone, and she’s right. This isn’t the 90s. Ugly display ads and useless outdated analytics aren’t going to budge your sales revenue.

It’s time to take things up a few notches. It’s time for a company’s online ads to look as visually stunning as their commercials on TV. And it’s time to close the gap between what shoppers are looking for and what they find online. “SteelHouse enabled us to go even further with our marketing with A2 ads by adding on Real Time Offers to our campaigns,” said Romig.

Real Time Offers powered by A2 can feature branded video, custom fonts, product carousels, countdown timers and more. So it’s not surprising they have nearly four times higher conversion rates and yield a 950% jump in click-through rates. Just imagine what that does to a company’s sales cycle when used in conjunction with display and retargeting ads – definitely a recipe for a very happy new year!

“We saw a 32% life in RPV (revenue per visitor) at the most crucial time for sales – the fourth quarter. In 2013, we plan on increasing our use of this integrated approach,” Romig added.

Rosetta Stone is not alone amongst companies reaching out to SteelHouse for some major lift. Figi’s, Creative Labs, and Monoprice are also using SteelHouse’s Real Time Offers and A2 ads in their integrated marketing approaches to connect and engage with shoppers on the deals they’re looking for and on the products they want. We’re excited to see their faces after we drive their conversions and shopping cart values through the roof.

Check out our Real Time Offers page to learn more about how you can integrate your marketing campaigns!

by Carla Silveira, Content

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