How to Create Big Brand Ads On A Not So Big Brand Budget

How to Create Big Brand Ads On A Not So Big Brand Budget

Coca Cola was just named the number one most valuable global brand this year by brand consultancy firm, Interbrand. It’s no surprise as the renowned soda distributor spends more than $2.6 billion a year on advertising and has millions of fans spanning across the globe.

Even I can admit I’m a sucker for the syrupy goodness in a cold bottle of Coke. But, great taste aside, the real question is, how can a brand that doesn’t have a worldwide fan base and a lofty $2.6 billion to spend on marketing pull off high quality, engaging ads on a modest budget?

The Problem with Flash Ads
The big problem up until recently has been that the process of building engaging ads involves a lot of time and even more money. You need graphic designers, creative talent, and programmers to implement the necessary coding.

In addition, most rich media ads are built using Flash. Heck, Flash appears on 98% of all computers, but what some people don’t know is that Flash doesn’t work on iOS devices. Apple’s terms-of-service agreement prohibits it. If you’re curious as to why, simply Google Apple + Adobe Flash. The two mega-empires aren’t exactly friends. So, why does it matter if your ads work on all devices?

Simply put, you’re missing out on a huge audience! There are 1.5 billion people around the world who use smartphones. Of the 1.5 billion people, one in three is an iPhone or iPad user. But since iPhones and iPads don’t support Flash, 33% of smartphone users aren’t seeing online ads that feature rich media.

Why Does This Matter?
It matters because rich ads consistently outperform static ads. With six times higher engagement rates, interactive ads are much better at capturing your audience’s attention. On top of this, rich ads are scalable and offer more than 150 measurable elements, some of which include, view-throughs, click-throughs, video plays, number of shares, and much more.

Brands that use interactive, rich media ads see a 300% – 1000% increase in ad interactions. That statistic alone clearly explains why the use of video in online advertising is predicted to grow by 55% in the U.S. by 2016.

How to Create Interactive Ads that Play on All Devices
To get around the big time/money issue of creating interactive ads, we developed an automated rich ad builder that doesn’t use Flash to build the ads. Our new ad creation platform, A2, builds visually stunning ads that serve on any device. With this new technology, brands are able to incorporate their existing creative – like YouTube videos, online product shops and more – into ad units within a matter of minutes.

Here’s an ad built by A2:

5 Ways To Build Interactivity Into Your Ads

1. Incorporate a video clip from your YouTube channel

2. Use multiple scenes within the ad to keep the content fresh

3. Show off your new inventory with a product carousel
– This will enable consumers to have a full shopping experience within one single ad.

4. Announce when a sale begins or ends with a countdown timer
– Timers create a sense of urgency and thus, trigger your shoppers to buy sooner rather than later.

5. Add social media buttons
– By enabling consumers to spread the word socially, you’re helping to drive possible “Likes” on your brand’s Facebook page, followers on Twitter, or even views on Pinterest.

For more tips on how to enhance your current ads, check out our latest infographic on the DEATH OF FLASH or learn more about A2.

by Kristin Tinsley, Content

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