Break Out of the Internet Ad Time Warp with A2 – The Mars Curiosity of Online Ads

Break Out of the Internet Ad Time Warp with A2 – The Mars Curiosity of Online Ads

Cluttered, ugly, thrown-together and annoying – these are some of the most common words used to describe current display advertising efforts. 99% of online ads live in their little boxes, annoying the piss out of anyone who’s unlucky enough to stumble upon them on their laptop or desktop.

Notice I didn’t mention cell phones or tablets? That’s because our janky state of affairs leaves the possibility of serving of ads on mobile devices pretty much impossible.

And honestly, it’s pathetic if you take the time to stop and think about it.

I mean, we just landed a robot on Mars that takes self-portraits on the Red Planet, transmitting them some 140 million miles back to Earth – and yet we, as an industry, still can’t figure out how to make internet ads look half-way presentable?

It’s ridiculous (and also a little bit embarrassing.)

What in the heck is going on that we can’t figure out how to get ads to play across all devices, yet we can collect, test and photograph soil samples from the Red Planet?

Online ad engagement rates are notoriously low, as are the accompanying conversion rates. But do we really have anyone but ourselves to blame?

Whipping up new online ads that serve on any device used to involve a long, drawn out and painful process, involving multiple programmers, graphic designers and browser compatibility tests

That’s why our talent pool here at SteelHouse has been spending the past year or so bringing art and beauty back into advertising. With A2, our new rich ad builder, you can repurpose your brand’s current collection of digital content into high-engagement marketing creative.

A2 uses your existing creative – YouTube videos, logos, social pages, TV ads, apps, images, etc. – to create visually stunning, high-engagement ads that serve on any device.

Flash is dead and getting ‘deader’ by the second, in part because iOS doesn’t support Flash. That means that anyone using an iPhone or iPad will never see ads built using Flash. So why would anyone build ads that can’t be seen on one-third of the world’s mobile devices?

A2 brings new life to online ads simply by using your brand’s existing creative elements.

Marketers and agencies have been pumping out boring ads for long enough. It’s time for everyone to step out of the internet advertising time warp and start building beautiful ads.

Check out this example ad built with A2.

by Aubrey Beck, Content

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