I’m Not A Computer. I’m a Person Using a Computer.

I’m Not A Computer. I’m a Person Using a Computer.

After a five-hour flight across the country, I walked into my mother’s home this weekend to find a plate of cookies accompanied by a “welcome home” note. It was nice to come home and feel like there was an effort to make my arrival feel special – just for me.

Personalizing experiences is one of the best ways to make people feel welcome and at ease. By providing a feeling of familiarity and comfort you can build rapport faster and earn trust.

For a myriad of reasons, online retailers haven’t had the opportunity to really personalize experiences for their customers until recently. The lack of insight regarding who’s shopping on a site, paired with the inability for sales people to be there in person to interact with shoppers, have left the experience of online shopping rather impersonal.

Here are 3 ways e-tailers can introduce personalization into their shoppers’ experiences:

1. Display a welcome message to first time visitors, or a “welcome back” message to those people who have been on your site before.

2. Offer a small discount to people who have viewed an item more than 3 times.

3. Provide details about your loyalty program to people who have shopped with you recently.

Access to and the ability to act upon behavioral data is the first step in being able to increase the level of personalization you provide to your website visitors. A behavioral commerce platform will allow you to see who’s on your site and what particular items they’re looking for.

To incorporate some of these personalization techniques, check out our Real Time Offers. Real Time Offers are one of the best ways to customize messages to specific segments of shoppers and guide them to the content that’s most pertinent to them.

by Aubrey Beck, Content

image sources: electricmartini.com