Don’t Drop The Ball At The 2-Yard Line: Reinforce Your Marketing Campaigns.

Don’t Drop The Ball At The 2-Yard Line: Reinforce Your Marketing Campaigns.

We’ve all seen it – seconds left on the clock, the quarterback takes a step back and scans the field. He spots a wide-open receiver and with laser-rocket-arm precision he launches a pass down the field.

Looks like the ball’s caught. Unbelievable! Crowd’s on their feet, but the receiver turns a second too soon, eyes on the goal line, and his brain has already lost sight of the ball he’s barely got a grasp of. He’s celebrating his victory a millisecond too soon.

And just like that, the ball drops out of his hands, bouncing onto the 2-yard line, just out of reach. A cornerback dives in, landing on top of the ball.

Game over.

Sad, huh?

I wish this type of easy-to-fix mistake only happened during football season, but if you think about it, it’s happening everyday all around us. Retailers and marketers laboriously plan, prepare and execute amazing marketing campaigns every single day and then stand by idly as they fail to complete their mission – significantly increase conversion.

We all know it’s not a touchdown until you land in the end zone, and it’s not a successful direct response marketing effort until you gain a conversion.

If you’re spending the time and resources to create display ads for a retargeting campaign, you need to make sure you’re reinforcing those ads once shoppers return to your site.

For example, when Macy’s is promoting a sale, you’ll hear radio spots, see billboards all over town, and receive direct mail print ads at home. These marketing tactics never stand alone though, because when you show up at the store in person, Macy’s reinforces the heck out of what you heard and saw before you arrived.

They place signs for the sale as you walk in the door, utilize strategic floor merchandising to push the special deals, and have helpful sales associates on hand to help you spend your money.

Why do they spend all that time and money on reinforcing their advertisements? They’ve already succeeded by getting you in the door, right?


Brick-and-mortar stores don’t tally “store traffic” – they tally “store sales.”

Why do retailers and marketers treat eCommerce so differently, though? Why do we care so much about our site traffic? Yes, it’s important, but so what if you had 3 billion unique visits last month. What really matters is how many people actually bought from you.

Unique visits don’t keep the lights on. Sales do.

When customers show up at your site, you need to have a way to reinforce the reasons why they’re there in the first place. If you’re hosting a sale, there should be messaging indicating that when they land on your site.

If they’ve looked at the same product four times but haven’t bought – you need to know that and be able to provide customized messaging that helps them make a purchasing decision.

How do you do so?

Using real time, behaviorally motivated onsite messaging is a great way to reinforce any marketing campaign and even more important, a great way to increase chances that you’ll close the sale.

By using onsite messaging, you greatly improve the odds that your customers won’t fall short at the 2-yard line. You help them keep their eye on the ball and that ultimately leads them into guaranteed touchdown territory.

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by Aubrey Beck, Content

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