E-tailers: Reclaim The Lost Art of the Display Window

E-tailers: Reclaim The Lost Art of the Display Window

The Art of Seduction

Retailers have been using display windows to attract customers to their stores for quite some time – remember the Macy’s store windows in New York during Christmas that people line up to see?

The ability to switch out merchandise at a moment’s notice and to update the storefront with season-appropriate merchandise is a simple and effective way to keep a store looking fresh and exciting to the customers who walk by them everyday.

It would be hard to imagine a retail store doing business inside a windowless brick building. Would you ever take the time to stop in to a store like that? Maybe if you knew the brand extremely well and loved the product, but if I was a first time visitor – I’d probably need a little bit more of an enticement than just the company name posted on the side of a brick box.

Curb Appeal

Brands like Urban Outfitters and Anthropologie are known for their hyper-creative display windows and I, for one, am a huge fan of walking by the storefront glass windows of their outposts on the 3rd Street Promenade in Santa Monica.

I like to see what their creative teams have come up with every few weeks, and the beauty and creativity of what they display pull me in every time to shop and spend money on their products. But what about when I shop online?

Sure, shopping online is awesome and convenient, but when you really think about it, online retailers lose a bit of their curb appeal when they move from the real world to selling in an eCommerce environment. One of the biggest differences, besides being there in person to be able to walk the sales floor with your customers, is having the ability to create appealing display windows.

What if you could generate a high level of interest, excitement and engagement every day of the year for your online storefront’s ‘display window’?

A Lost Art

When stores started doing business online, the display window sort of got lost in the shuffle. Your website is your storefront, but what about a display window? Sure, a lot of website use rotating banner images when you land on their homepage, but it doesn’t quite work the same as a display window.

For the most part, the companies that do use sliding imagery on their site, tend to keep the same three or four images rotating on their homepage, maybe switching them out at major holidays and during large sales or clearance events.

But with the impersonal feeling that can sometimes come with shopping your favorite brands online, it’s important that stores find a way to connect to their shoppers in a more personal way. Delivering customized ads and keeping content fresh are just two of the ways retailers can help to connect with their shoppers.

For me, I know that I wouldn’t make as many trips to the Promenade if there wasn’t the opportunity to window shop and take in the featured products that all of my favorite stores put on display everyday.

Reclaim Your Display Window

So what can online retailers do to customize each customers experience and re-claim their lost display window space?

You can use a marketing platform that segments shoppers based on their shopping personalities and then deliver highly tailored content on your site while they shop. You can activate Real Time Offers™, which act as an online display window to change out your messaging and product features in a matter of minutes.

There are a seemingly infinite number of retailers online these days and each brand needs to make sure that they’re standing out from the competition and creating the best shopping experience they can for each of their customers. That process starts with keeping things fresh and personalizing people’s experience on your site to match them with the messaging that matters to them the most.

by Aubrey Beck, Content

image sources: www.guardian.co.uk